Ghost inputs on FP4

After very regular ghost touches progressively getting worse I added several layers of tape, there is pressure noticeable on the screen.
The ghost touches stopped for about 7 weeks, they have now gradually returned, only once though have I seen the blue touch line down the lower center.
It’s looking like a repair job.

I too have this issue. I traveled to Germany on vacation and ordered a replacement screen while I was there. I replaced the screen around April 10th and the glitching started again with the new screen about three weeks later. I thought it was just me.

I have my Phone back and they appearently replaced the entire screen. Lets see how long that will last.
At least this issue gave me the opportunity to run iode OS on the thing now.

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Hii all,

So my fairphone 4 seems to have problems with the software. The phone is suddenly pushing buttons itself and the screen is moving without me doing anything. I tried reinstalling the whole phone since I suspected that is was a virus, but the same problem is back. Have you had this problem?

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Known issue, see here:

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@Sofie_Meyer @KurtF I’ve moved your posts here to a thread about ghost inputs.

Looks like it might be an idea to check the screen connector, see above.


Hi, Han, could you pls share what the result after you add extra form on the pad? I wanna know if that can work. thanks.

I haven’t had ghost inputs since I applied the foam sticker 5 months ago.

It’s important that the pressure is high enough.

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See post #318

And welcome to the forum btw.

Hi, thanks for you sharing.
Did you notice which situation may easily to have this issue: like connecting USB or on the laptop? Or it happen at anytime, no matter if connecting USB?

I have the same issue. I had to replace my screen around 1 year ago. And then around last December the ghost inputs started. I initially thought this issue came with one of the SW updates and got even worse with the A12 update, but may also be a connection getting more and more lose.
Did I understood correctly, that the some of you try to fix it by putting more pressure to the screen connector + Fairphone so far has not idea how to permanent fix it?

In any case you should #contactsupport . Cite this thread if it describes your problem.

Every time I see it, I simply wipe over the screen as if it was wet. After wiping the problem is gone.
This happens every now and then, not daily.


the issue you are describing is something i had with my older phones. it was a defect and occurred if my battery got drained under a specific percentage or the temperature increased significantly.

the ghost inputs I’m getting on my firphone since the newest update are more like accidental inputs only once or twice while the keyboard is shown. especially while using reddit.

Mine had the same problem, was basically useless…
I got a replacement and it was better…but it’ was not completely over.
My replacement has the same problem…it’s the only thing I really REALLY hate about my phone…hope it will be fixed in an update or something (although i am NOT loving the last update…puke colors)

+1 on the gost inputs. Applied isolating tape today (thanks for the suggestion here!) and contacted support citing this thread.

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I have the same issues as described in this thread.

Support said that they had identified the problem. It sounds like there is a defect in the screen itself and that they can’t confirm which screen part numbers are affected. They said I could chance sourcing a replacement screen or send the phone in for warranty repair from inside Europe.

I asked for additional clarification. If it really is a screen defect I would like to be able to source a screen without said defect to install myself in Canada. Sending the phone to someone in Europe to be warrantied is not something I am going to do especially if others have already sent in theirs for repair but ended up facing the same problem with the replacement.


Hans de Vries can you please stop promoting your n=1 solution. Good for you that that it not appeared anymore, but many do not have this experience. Even with the diy hack the ghost touches reappear. And then i paid good money for this phone i don’t want to experiment with hack of some user on this forum. Fairphone is responsible to solve this

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When i think about it i t think that Fairphone is pretty pleased with the Hans_de_Vries solution as it keeps customers busy until warranty has expired. What if Hans_the_Vries never existed, then many more issues where raised concerning this design flaw.