Ghost inputs on FP4

I also have the Ghost Lines about 3 times a day, in Dezember i replaced the Display, i thought the touches came from the scratches, but finnaly they appeared now aggain.

People rejoice, my ghost inputs are back.
I experienced them with the new phone again. Similar time frame from when the first phone had issues.
Contacting support again. Let’s see how many phones I can burn for you guys before Fairphone fixes their manufacturing process :wink:
I kept my old phone in anticipation of this issue luckily.

PS: this time the issue occured under LineageOS 20 for me, so again it has nothing to do with apps or OS.


Also experiencing “ghost inputs” here.
I have had the phone for almost two months, and these glitches only started to appear about a week ago.
I have not dropped my phone or anything like that, so I’m assuming it might be a manufacturing issue after reading some of the posts in this thread.
Have not tried any fixes yet, can update here after doing so.
Currently I experience the glitch about two times a day (on average), and it only lasts for a second or two. A curious thing is that they often seem to occur a couple of times in a short space of time.
The screenshot illustrates a “typical” pattern for me.


I get the impression every FP4 will get this issue sooner or later -.-
I haven’t experienced any ghost inputs - but:
There wasn’t any protection available on March 2021, when I got my FP4. And this original plastic case seemed overpriced to me, so I just had a glass foil on my phone. Thirst thing it did next day was sliding out of my pocket and landing flat on the screen. The glass foil was broken, of course.
Maybe the FP4 needs a hard bump to function properly :joy:
Since some Chinese brought a proper case for the FP4, it fell a few more times.
I now also use two foils on it: glass AND anti reflex. No issues at all.
Iode OS, newest update.

Hello all, new to the forum here.

Have been experiencing the same issue for almost a year. Redoing the connection or increasing the padding never worked more than a few hours.

I finally purchased a new screen and replaced the original one. No ghost inputs for 10 days as of now.

So as far as I can tell, the issue might not be the connection itself but something with the screen cable.

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I have the same problem. It happens several times a day. In my hand and on the table. I have the official screen cover and case. I purchased the phone in January 2023, and it started to happen in April 2023. I would be fine with sending it in, though.

Hi, I had the same issue, I got ghost input a month ago (several times a week) which got massively worse (several times an hour) after the phone fell one time. Based on this thread (thank you all!) I disconnected the screen and put a 1 mm thick rubber pad on top of the screen connector before reassembling the phone. I had no more ghost input so far.

Had the same problem. I cleaned the screen connection with an electrical contact cleaner (Kontakt 60, after that flushing with Kontakt WL. Using these cleaners is a bit risky as they might damage parts. So use at your own risk and if you are now what you are doing. And it might not be needed at all, so possibly only try as a last resort). After reconnecting, I added three or four layers of standard insulation tape. Problem is gone for some weeks now.

I have my Fairphone4 now for more then 6 months. and after about 3 month the ghost touches began and got worse quickly. i bought a new screen (from my own money)
But now my new screen also start to have ghost touches.
I read the hack with the cardboard on the connector. but i really would like a response from Fairphone themself what they think of this hack before i am gone apply it, did they ever react to it ?

FP4: Same problem here. Started 11 month after purchasing. Random touches, not related to charging.

I opened a case with Support, and also ordered a new FP4. I need this for work, so there is no other option for me, I can not risk this getting worse while on a trip.

Hi Warzel, yes, they are reacting. But with same useless answers since at least half a year now. They are analysing it, working with the phone manufacturer, yada yada.
I meanwhile believe there will be no official solution anymore. I am Sure they meanwhile understood whats going on, ridiculous to believe they still didnt. However the solution might be not feasible for reasons which they keep internal.


My ghost touches are back after reseating and adding tape. I am betting that this is an issue with the touch screen mapping and the camera cut out. It may be a firmware issue with touch area mapping in that area. Does popping the battery for a while fix it the same as the connector reseat? Wonder if it’s an accumulative problem or error state in the touch screen controller.

Edit: I have sent in a support request documenting my problem and letting them know I cannot recommend their product with this problem. Please contact support even if you cannot request warranty or aren’t interested in a repair. I would like to see some communication about the issue.

Surely we could fix this in software by detecting and ignoring spurious input

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The pressure has to be high.
No ghosttouches for over one month weeks. Conclusion: The pressure should be quite high, otherwise it does not work.

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Indeed, I applied my foam sticker 5 months ago? Never had ghost inputs again. Have a nice day my friends!


Just switched from 0,6 mm insulation tape (4 layers) to 0,9 mm card board. let’s see.
And wrote another message to the support asking for an update.


I asked support about the connector pressure hack, they replied: “We don’t advise the repairs that were mentioned on the forum” instead i was asked to sent in the phone for diagnose and repair, i will do that.

yeah, sent in my phone for “diagnosis and repair” in December. Received a replacement phone which started ghost touching in February or so. Means still in December they didnt understand whats going on. Also Never heard anything on what they diagnosed on my initial phone. I would strongly recommend them to tell us what solves the problem rather then what in their mind does not work. Yesterday another idea came up how to increase pressure in this case (not on the connector but on Fairphone).

Update: In the answer to my recent request fairphone now stated that meanwhile they found a method to repair the ghost touch issue. Dont know since when they offer this, they didnt inform me despite my open ticket…

@Warzel and anybody else: did you sent in your FP4? did anybody already get it back and has experience with the results?


I did not yet sent it in. the phone has to be downgraded to stock ROM before i can sent it in as otherwise they may mark it as out of warranty. Customer support also implies the the issue might be related to me running a custom ROM. But i did a flashback to stock ROM before and that did not solve it.
I am also afraid that as the issue is not always there that i get the phone back with remark, nothing found.
I slowly start to regret that i bought this thing, even thinking of selling it as broken, cut the losses and move on.

I did not send my phone in. After my post in this thread the problem has only showed up around three more times. And only one time the last 10 days or so.
It’s very curious, but not a big problem for me currently.
So I’m basically only logging data about the glitch when it occurs for me, and if it starts increasing in frequency again I’ll disassemble the phone and take a look at the connector.