Ghost inputs on FP4

@Hans_de_Vries i really believe your intentions are good

Wow, I was just trying to help. I will stop responding to questions. Don’t be offended…jeez


I again really believe in your good intentions , but your fix is not working for everybody, and it is really a fairphone 4 problem and as we all paid a lot of money for this phone. fairphone should solve this.

I think you should def not stop to help just because one person is frustrated. No one ever said its a solution for everyone and still it helped a lot already as far as I can read.


well, since this is an option, that i haven’t tried: i ordered a display to take a look for my case. if that was the problem, i’ll be taking a look at the old one’s Display if there’s a batch number.

On my side at support btw: No new answer for 2 1/2 months (other companies would have closed it by themself by now) but i keep an eye. if a new display solves the issue for me, then i’ll let support (and you of course) know

but to be honest: I guess this won’t be a go-to answer for everyone, but the point with the batch number sounds reasonable enough to swap screens and investigate on my own.


@Hans_de_Vries ans pls. ignore what @Warzel wrote. your idea is highly appreciated as it at least reduces the ghost touches in my case.

pls. dont stop participating here.



I had my phone replaced for this…
Helped a bit
But now it’s happening more and more again

Its1 of the 2 things i absolutely HATE about this phone.

And support acted like it was something they never heard before.

They should fix it…for free and without any complex hoops to jump through.

They are killing their own products Identity like this.

(And the 2nd thing is the hideous colors since the last update)

Aside from this…love the idea and most of the time the phone.

But this NEEDS to be fixed…
Find out where the problem is and deal with it.


@Warzel, @Hans_de_Vries was explicitly asked to keep us posted about his fix. It has nothing to do with promoting anything, but everything to do with us wanting to know how long this fix lasts to decide whether or not to try this fix when problems start (again).

My phone has the same problem. I already replaced my screen and the problems were gone for a few months. I find it hard to believe that the screen itself is the problem. I haven’t tried the fix with a foam sticker, but I certainly intent to try it.

I’ve used the newly added function to video record the screen to record what happens. You can view the video by following the following link:


Next response from support and I am not sure if my understanding was correct. I don’t feel confident that they actually have identified the problem. I think I will sell the device as I am tired of waiting for some official statement to solve the issue.

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I just don’t think it is wise to try and solve this yourself and probably voiding your warranty in the process.

I paid almost 600 euros for the device and expect it to work properly.

And then:
What if the hack increases the chances of the screen gets broken when you drop it due to the pressure?
What if the hack damages the connector over the long term, or damages other components ?
I don’t think Fairphone is gonna cover that.

Instead of trying to fix it ourselves including the risks we should be raising ticket every time it happens


yes @Warzel , likely we all are unsatisfied with fairphones performance in this case. And true, there might be drawbacks of the @Hans_de_Vries fix. however I am happy to have reduced the issue through the fix which makes the phone usable again and therefore I thank hans for his contribution.

raising tickets in addition of course is good advise, too.



Guess who’s back, ghostly touches on my Phone!

Hans’ solution worked fine so far, a week ago I fixed the broken main camera and since then the ghost touches are back. I will repeat Hans’ procedure, adding a layer and i think of using some kind of contactspray.

Hey @Hans_de_Vries
Just to be sure, you added the foam stickers in this way?


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I would try 2 faam stickers in each other to establish enouh pressure in the connector.


One month later, ghost touches are back :frowning:
I’ll repeat the procedure (more layers/pressure) and keep you posted.
I prefer solving it myself than going a few weeks without phone while it would be under investigation /in repair.

Exactly the problem. Thanks for recording an example

I know I am just adding to the noise, but…
I experienced ghosting every couple of days.
When I finally got “brave” enough to try the diy-hack, I added a couple of layers of tape on the screen connector.
Since then, I am now at 10 days without ghosting issues. Hope posting this does not jinx it :slight_smile:


I’m pretty convinced now that this is a hardware issue in the connector. Tape layers help to keep it firmly connected and I can reliably reproduce the ghosting issues without the tape and by rapidly changing the temperature of my FP4 on the back or front. So if the connector heats up before the plug, it expands a little and loses its firm connection while the plug is heating up and expanding to fit snugly again. Same for the plug cooling before the connector. Sunshine on the screen, putting it on a cold surface, cold phone in a warm hand all trigger ghost inputs. I have seen lots of this when designing circuit boards in the 90s. Thanks @Hans_de_Vries for the initial research and let’s see what would be a more permanent fix or design change preventing the issue.


My phone is now on it way back to me after a repair, the repair note says the screen is replaced. Hopefully the issue is fixed now.
I already replaced the screen once (on my own costs) but that didn’t help.
If it does help i wonder if i can replace my first screen that has ghost touches with a new working one, or even get my money back.
And NO i will never ever do this hack with the tape to put pressure on the connector, i paid fu$%#ing €600.- for this phone, it should work as is.


I can imagine. I feel the same about some things, even though I “only” paid 450 for mine.

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