Ghost inputs on FP4

Just open the Settings app (cogged wheel) and choose System > System update as usual, to update Android on your phone. If you don’t see an update available, be patient, some networks sometimes get updates a bit later than others.

Thanks AndreasChris even if I must admit I didn’t understand much of your reply :sweat_smile:

My question is : how do I install FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807 ?

When I try to update the Android version, it says my device is up to date and there is no other updates available. Last update was on 5th of June with Android 12.

That’s why I was thinking it was something else but I don’t know what :thinking:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks OldRoutard!
This is indeed what I tried first.
But there’s no update available since my last update on 5th on June.
Would you say that 3 months is a bit later ?

FP4.SP2J.B.086 was announced on 21 August but there seem to be at least two variants distributed to different network operators. The one I received has a different number at the end. Your network operator may not have received theirs yet, this often happens because adjustments need to be made.

Check out the topic that yvmuell already pointed to.

If you indicate your country and network operator maybe somebody with the same operator will confirm. I’m in France with Free.


Thanks OldRoutard, I’m in Belgium with Proximus
Is there somewhere I check a list of countries and operators in regards with the update release?

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Looks like the latest update fixed the ghost input. It has been a while since I notice it. If anything, it is significantly reduced.

Lucky you…no such luck here…it’s still not very good

(Not my choice of words but the censorship here is off the charts, apparently everything is potentially offensive or something)

Waiting on replacement,but they aren’t really fast at fp.

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Still getting ghost inputs. Potentially not as severe, but still getting them.


running here FP4 with e/os 1.14.

Also experiencing the ghost inputs.
Very annoying, hopefully there will be a solution quickly…

Also mailed the support team…

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The problem is almost gone for me now that I have installed the update, but now I have run into a new issue: Two finger zoom no longer works reliably. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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Yes. A lot of people are experiencing issues with touch sensitivity after the update. See this thread discussing the update for more.


I’ve been also getting these with the patch. I enabled tap display from dev options so I know when it’s happening and not just me being inaccurate.

A couple of times a day it’s severe and sometimes the workaround catches it after the first few random taps and blocks further damage but sometimes it lets it through anyway.

I don’t use a screen protector so the decreased sensitivity actually makes the device better in that regard as random touches of my palms at the edge of the screen happen lesst. It would probably make sense to allow one to configure the sensitivity based on their preference.

I’m going to contact support next as nothing reasonable fixes it completely and it unfortunately makes this fairly expensive device way less usable than the price and sustainability claims would let one believe. I would’ve liked to use it for years and maybe swap the USB-C connector and battery when they degrade but now after under a year of use I may need to let go.


Same here. It’s basically unusable, flat out. So much for sustainable, or repairs.

I’m also looking for a new device, one that doesn’t have such a serious design flaw or so many points of failure. With the added issue that I’m unable to sell the faulty hardware (ongzgzzvzztt8 whoops, hello ghost. Leaving that in now to make a point, because wow, timing), because the less people ever get hands on with this device, the better for the image of repairable phones in general. I’m through with that pipe dream, personally.

Support is most likely gonna take 2 days to suggest you send your phone in for 2 weeks without replacement in the meantime (they’re rather understaffed from what I’ve been able to gather), while they “repair” it (new display maybe, and installing updates of not already done). Given that, are you already considering any alternatives as plan B? Like one of the other repairable phones, or a conventional one?

Keep us posted. You’re far from alone.


Any news on that? Contacted support team of FP or e/OS/? FP is most likely gonna wash their hands of the responsibility now, because technically yes, e/OS/ needs to implement the “patch” now. It you could install their default ROM (and still have issues with the display because you just can’t software patch a hardware design flaw like that).

But that entirely ignores the fact that the patch isn’t even a proper solution, but rather a metaphorical bandaid made of uranium, itself slowly killing you after putting it on. To me, it makes sense that e/OS/ just had a look at that and in response drops support immediately, because of how pointless it has become to even try. I’ve been looking out for a possible fix coming to e/OS/ but nothing so far, which leads me to think that’s gonna be the case.

So we’ll just be dealing with the fallout, situation getting perpetually worse, until we get non-malfunctioning hardware that won’t die to a design flaw within months of getting it. Yes I’m salty, because sustainability. So, what’s gonna be your poison? Any nice alternative you found?

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Short update:

After a while without ghost inputs and just sensitivity problems, I’ve experienced two instances of ghost inputs earlier today in rather short succession (ironically while typing on this forum). They were both more intense in nature than the first one after the update, but by far not as violent as before the update.

Also I’ve not had the opportunity to perform my intended hardware ‘fix’ yet.


No nothing on this.

at e/os they know about the issue, it was reported by many users.

at FP they know about the issue, but the solution FP has presented cannot be the final solution…
No response yet from FP support

When FP will have a final solution e/os can implement this…

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Yeah im not holding my breath on this. However, after my ghost leaving me alone for half a day, for some reason (I didn’t do or change anything) and seeing the FP5 disassembly - the display cable is identical to the FP4. The case around the socket isn’t. I’m being very stupid, hoping for the FP5 to not have this, or similar, serious issues - especially after experiencing how they’re treating serious issues with FP4 with the rug rather than properly offering respectable solutions. I don’t know. At the same time, I really don’t want my phone to be at risk of becoming a hobby project like my FP4 is, I guess I’ll continue looking for alternatives.

Keep us posted about your successes or failures! Whichever way it goes, it will help others here to decide.

For me the update worked well - until today. Ghost touch is back, I think not as heavy as it used to be, but still annoying.
I also tried some of the fixes mentioned here. I placed some foam material on the display plug and a piece of isolation tape on the wire. Both of them are still in the phone.
I really hope fairphone will come around with a real solution…

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Oh but they already did! They made a software patch and marked the topic and issue as solved! You better tell your ghost that it’s been solved, maybe your ghost just doesn’t know yet.

But yeah, what a surprise.
The reports of phones that either continued to have ghost inputs despite the patch, or those that saw the ghost be replaced by unresponsive displays, and those that had the ghost return after a week, have been cropping up already. Thing is, before FP acknowledged the issue, we had to put up with it for 18 whole months. As far as they’re concerned, it’s been solved, so any “new” reports about it could easily have another year before they even acknowledge it.

They may acknowledge the unresponsive display issue first, since it’s happening even to devices that never were haunted to start with, but as far as the hauntings are concerned, I think they’re through with that “for now”.

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