Ghost inputs on FP4

Ghost inputs can also be caused by FAULTY CHARGING BRICKS/CABLES…

Ask me how I know… please not…

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Only when charging or also during use?

Yes, if not… than it’s a real problem with your OS or touchscreen D:

Hi all,

I’m new here so let me know if I’m breaking any rules. I had significant ghosting for many months until the B.086 firmware update. After that, my issues completely went away. So long and good riddance! I was going on my way, until I installed the B.089 security patch this weekend. After the patch the ghost is back. I checked the release notes and it’s basically empty, so I’m not sure the devs are aware of the change.

I’ve planning on downloading and reverting to the previous revision. I’d rather not go without the latest Android 12 security patch, but if it means exorcizing the ghost again I’m all for it. I’ll post again after reverting to B.086 and say how it went.

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I’ve also had my ghost getting a bit mire noticable again, but I haven’t seen any direct correlation to the latest upfate. It didn’t change anything about the patch introdced in the update before that after all. It purely delivered security patches. I would honestly consider that the return of the ghost may just be due to further degradation of the hardware and the corellation to the latest update in your case does not imply causation in this instance.


Just had a pretty bad 2-3 second burst. Last night I had a ghost page scroll. Either the fix isn’t enough or they had a regression with the security update.

I can’t deal with this kind of spurious input messing with my apps.

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Ok. It’s just as bad as before the software fix. I have a feeling that the latest security update caused a regression and the fix isn’t working anymore? Or my touch screen has all of a sudden deteriorated much more. It’s just going crazy for 30 seconds plus today.

For me - quite similar. I’ve had a lot ghosties before the August update. Then the desappeared - until today :frowning:

Yeah so I was really happy when the update came out, the problem seemed to have been fixed! Now I have ghost inputs again, but not as bad as before the update. I’ve done all the display tests and reconnected the display cable. What I have not done is the factory reset, but the more I read the more I think that it’s not going to change anything. Hopefully there will be another update soon, otherwise I see no other option than to ask Fairphone to exchange the phone for a new one :confused:

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