Ghost inputs on FP4

Ghost inputs can also be caused by FAULTY CHARGING BRICKS/CABLES…

Ask me how I know… please not…

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Only when charging or also during use?

Yes, if not… than it’s a real problem with your OS or touchscreen D:

Hi all,

I’m new here so let me know if I’m breaking any rules. I had significant ghosting for many months until the B.086 firmware update. After that, my issues completely went away. So long and good riddance! I was going on my way, until I installed the B.089 security patch this weekend. After the patch the ghost is back. I checked the release notes and it’s basically empty, so I’m not sure the devs are aware of the change.

I’ve planning on downloading and reverting to the previous revision. I’d rather not go without the latest Android 12 security patch, but if it means exorcizing the ghost again I’m all for it. I’ll post again after reverting to B.086 and say how it went.

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I’ve also had my ghost getting a bit mire noticable again, but I haven’t seen any direct correlation to the latest upfate. It didn’t change anything about the patch introdced in the update before that after all. It purely delivered security patches. I would honestly consider that the return of the ghost may just be due to further degradation of the hardware and the corellation to the latest update in your case does not imply causation in this instance.


Just had a pretty bad 2-3 second burst. Last night I had a ghost page scroll. Either the fix isn’t enough or they had a regression with the security update.

I can’t deal with this kind of spurious input messing with my apps.


Ok. It’s just as bad as before the software fix. I have a feeling that the latest security update caused a regression and the fix isn’t working anymore? Or my touch screen has all of a sudden deteriorated much more. It’s just going crazy for 30 seconds plus today.

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For me - quite similar. I’ve had a lot ghosties before the August update. Then the desappeared - until today :frowning:

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Yeah so I was really happy when the update came out, the problem seemed to have been fixed! Now I have ghost inputs again, but not as bad as before the update. I’ve done all the display tests and reconnected the display cable. What I have not done is the factory reset, but the more I read the more I think that it’s not going to change anything. Hopefully there will be another update soon, otherwise I see no other option than to ask Fairphone to exchange the phone for a new one :confused:


Really disappointing to read such news. anyhow, asking fairphone to send you a new phone probably wont help. I have the third brand new FP4 now and again after 2 - 3 month it starts ghost touching now. That means either I had really, really bad luck or simply most of the FP4s are affected by this hardware flaw.

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I get the impression that many of the users who are affected experience the same problem again later, and this was your case too.

However, I don’t think that it’s likely that “most of the FP4s are affected”. If that were the case, I think we’d know by now.

You mention two possibilities, but there is of course a third possibility: that there’s something in the way the phones are used, or in their environment, specific to the user, that is causing the (latent) problem to develop, at different rates with different users. Can you think of anything?

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Ghost touches have been mostly fixed by replacing the screen by myself using an original part from Fairphone. At least for some time. Now they’re slowly beginning to return. Sometimes more, sometimes less intensive. I was really considering buying a FP5 but I must say that I’m really disappointed how the issues with the FP4 are handled so far and I don’t know why this should be handled differently with the FP5. Besides these really annoying touchscreen issues, the hands-free call quality is awful and the video stabilisation of the camera is really bad. I don’t understand why Fairphone releases the next generation already, although the predecessor suffers from so many issues, instead of providing proper improvements for existing devices. This conflicts with the Fairphone philosophy of sustainability from my point of view. Why can’t we get improved modules for the FP4 first instead of an all-new FP5?


Regarding the ghost touch prevention I can report that I also got the feeling that whatever changes were made before have been undone by B.089 somehow.

To recap: I never had ghost touches to begin with. But the B.086 update significantly changed sensitivity for me when the phone was not being touched (on a table, for example) as reported by many others as well.

This behavior totally went away again after the B.089 update. Coinciding with reports of other people seeing ghost touches again. I’ve observed this for some time to be sure this is actually the case - and I’m pretty confident in those findings now.
Personally, I don’t mind as I was never affected by the problems in the first place. But I guess it’s still not a good sign if the changes got undone unintentionally(?).


My experience too. While the B.089 was advertised as “purely a security patch update and there are no other noteworthy changes” I have difficulty believing they didn’t row back some on the desensitized screen.

You mean a mismanaged fork. Yes, that’s a possibility that hadn’t occurred to me. Sounds like it.

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Even if there were some changes, I do have trouble believing they completely rolled it back. I am currently running B.089 and do have ghost inputs, but not as often or as strong as before the ‘pseudo-fix’, and the sensitivity issues are quite noticeable as well.


I tend to agree. I still sometimes get the feeling that sensitivity is decreased, but certainly less than before the last update. Still strange for something that was only supposed to be a security update…

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Well, that may be the case for you, but I don’t feel comfortable drawing a definitive conclusion either way based on my experiences with the sensitivity issue. There may be other factors involved that could temporarily make the issue better or worse. After all the gaps between and strength of ghost inputs also vary a bit. All I can say is that both issues still persist to some degree.


thanks for your answer. I disagree here, if it was not a hardware flaw with known reasons, FP would have tried to collect info about special circumstances at the affected users. they never asked me about anything though.

I will now install the 089 update, if the ghost touches remain I will reclaim the full sales price and go back to the old habit to buy used smartphones (which are not named FP)


Certainly no definitive conclusion from me, just my current impressions that seem to match other reports. Time will (maybe) tell…

Hello community,
unfortunately I have the same problem with ghost touch. :ghost:
Since the B.086 update it has become much better.
Nevertheless it is not completely gone. :frowning_face:
This post is intended as feedback for Faiphon support. contactsupport
Good work so far → but you have not quite solved the problem yet

I hope that FairPhone does not consider this problem as solved and will keep working on a solution. ?!? :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Fairphone 4 support userfeedback

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