Ghost inputs on FP4

I’ve never had any problems with GhostTouch, but recently I’ve had the same. BUT only if I don’t make any entries on the Fairphone myself. I mostly notice that when I put it out of my hand on the table without locking it, it suddenly starts spinning.
Had never had these problems. Only recently.

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Mine is vertically across the screen, always centred. Is that what all of yours is like, too?—Loads of touches vertically?

I’ve noticed that it appears to occur when the cable is inserted into the USB port.

Did you read a bit above? There are several Screenshots :wink:

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No, I hadn’t. Thanks.

Always use Amazon for small, weird purchases. They’ll refund ya if it never arrived, and in fact will do so even if it does sometimes. I suppose that it does have a fair bit of cash.

I’m not quite sure about mine yet, it doesn’t follow any patterns and just seems chaotic when the phone freaks out.
Above all, I have the impression that it always makes a wipe and scroll gesture from top to bottom. I also notice this when chatting, when I suddenly get to the top of the chat history. From time to time the device also types some letters… it just sucks

I took the battery out for 10 minutes. At least now, after starting, I no longer have any abnormalities. But that can only be a snapshot.

i changed my battery 2 days before and now i have ghost touches too. But only on one position. It presses on 3-4 times.

Just for the sake of record and in case for anybody considering filing a lawsuit for this issue and FP handling of it:
I, too, have an FP 4 with that issue.

Support suggests sending it in (without a replacement phone being provided) or trying fixes in this thread.

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Another ghost input sufferer, on vertical centre line. Will try the fix detailed in this thread first before contacting support.

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Same problem here, rapid ghost touches, a few times per week.
Luckily switching the screen off and on again (power button) solves it - until the next time.

FP4 with laatste standard updates

This thread is getting pretty long. One thing I’m missing here is confirmation if the fix with tape on the connector actually helped anybody else than Hans to fix the problem for good (or almost for good).

Myself, I’ve only had ghost touches once - when I charged the phone from a non-grounded battery-based power station (imagine a 2 kWh “powerbank”). Nothing else. (Lucky me!)

Please, do not react with a hundred “me too” posts, otherwise reading this thread will become impossible. Cast a vote in the poll, please.

  • I haven’t ever experienced any ghost touches
  • I’ve experienced ghost touches only very rarely
  • I have regular ghost touches and have not tried any permanent fix
  • I have regular ghost touches, I’ve added some tape, ghost touches remain
  • I have regular ghost touches, I’ve added some tape, ghost touches disappear for ± 1 week
  • I had regular ghost touches, I’ve added some tape, ghost touches disappear forever

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I’m missing at least the option that just tightening the connector fixed them once and for all. Doesn’t always has to be tape.

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Reattaching the connector didn’t fix it for me, neither did adding tape. After a few days/weeks it just starts again. RMA’ing now, let’s see if that gets rid of it (I mean, it should).

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update after nearly 2 weeks:
Tape did only work for a few days but reduced the behavior by a lot so it does appear but not so often as before. it now behaves to only every 3 or 4 days instead of every day, so i guess, the problem seems to be related on the connector on my side. i keep looking for it.

For me the same - after applying a foam sticker, ghost inputs did not disappear completely.

I increased the pressure of the display connector about a week ago. With the old arrangement, I had ghost touches again and again. I have now used 2 layers of cardboard. This is about 1 mm thick. Before screwing on, I had switched on the mobile phone. I detected 2 bruises on the white display turned on. So the pressure was too strong.
I then loosened the two screws left and right, just up to the point where the pressure points disappeared. Result: No ghosttouches for a week. Conclusion: The pressure should be quite high, otherwise it does not work.


Adding my 2cents here:

  • I don’t remember why but I could not order the pads you listed in this post, so instead I bought those on Amazon and used the 0.5mm ones. I cut one just at the size of the connector (see image in the bullet below), removed the two plastic foils, and applied it on the back of the connector. So far so good, but I only had the ghost input issue once (although relying heavily on my phone, I preferred to fix it anyway)
  • While removing the screen, I noticed that there is already a small foam pad present. I could not take a picture - with the phone teared open it’s not easy - but one can see it on the tutorial, on this image, at the back of the screen on the left of the date, above the serial number. Mine had the date “2021.10.22”, one has “2021.09.24”. If yours don’t have the pad, maybe it’s a fix introduced lately. If it does well… that’s a bad feature ^^
    Hope it will help you!

Just to clarify: Hans didn’t suggest to use tape. Other users suggested to emulate his fix with tape. I did so too, but without any success worth mentioning. On the other hand; it seems I had a severe case. Will try to use Hans’ fix a precaution on my replacement device.

An update on my case: Support agreed to give me replacement device, which took a few days. I sent in my old phone and it took them a week to verify it was not usable. I did not receive an email about the replacement device being sent and so I asked about it. It seems it had been forgotten :slight_smile: Well, shit happens and we are all prone to mistakes. The replacement device arrived this week, a few days earlier than expected. So far I’m good.

I will still try try to order some foam stickers and apply them as a precaution because I too rely on a working mobile device.

For me the ghost touches appeared after I replaced the screen (broken after a fall). I noticed that the screen connector still wiggles after it snap closes.

I applied 4 layers of tape on the protruding little foam pad on the back of the screen.
For now, problem solved.
It’s only been a day, but if they reappear I will just increase the thickness/pressure.

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