🇬🇧 🇫🇷 FP2 screen wanted because warranty is over and can't afford 87€



The title says everything.

I have a partly non functional touch screen on my FP2. It happened suddenly about a week ago for no reason. The support takes ages to answer and say my warranty is over.
Anyway I’m a student and need a functional screen. I don’t have 87€ right now so I need screen whatsoever. Can be scratches or minimal damage but if the touch screen is working fine I’ll take it.

What I can offer : my old screen and my gratitude ! I can pay about 40€.

My location : central France.

Thanks in advance.


If by miracle you have a used screen, please contact me via personal message ! :blush:



Tout est dans le titre

Mon écran tactile ne fonctionne plus a droite, c’est un problème courrant sur le Fairphone mais le support met beaucoup trop de temps à répondre et le téléphone n’est plus sous garantie. Comme je suis étudiant je n’ai pas 87€ en ce moment mais j’ai besoin d’un écran même si il a des rayures, etc.

Ce que je peux vous offrir : mon ancien écran et ma gratitude ! Je peux payer environ 40€.

Je vis dans le centre de la France.

Merci d’avance


Si vous avez cette un écran d’occasion contactez moi par MP ! :blush:

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Please be so kind and set a maximum limit of what else you could give for a display in better condition.
With some luck you may find some #fairphoneangels in your close vicinity. They usually keep spare parts to test and replace.

Modifications done. :smile:

It might be true, that support generally takes ages to answer, but in your case that seems not to be true. Faulty phone about one week ago and support already replied, that warranty is over.

In your case I really would not accept that reply from support without complaint.
Call them (numbers to be found in the thread #contactsupport) and ask again.
The partially not responding touchscreen really is a more common issue; as the following thread with 275 postings proves:

That makes me rather suspicious. that this kind of thing is a design or production flaw. And I guess, that did not change the supplier and the design for no reason.
Therefore offering them the 40 Euro might be an acceptable solution for FP as well.

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Hi Bert,

Idk how to understand your message ?

Let me put some details here for you.

I fix phone and computers since I was 11yo, so I tried every solution and ofc checked that post from Fairphone since it’s a common issue.

About the support, they (Randy :wink: ) replied to me with automatic answers. I’m still waiting for a real person to help me (like… Adrian ?). Anyway with the week-end it’s being delayed.

I don’t want to call the support directly, because last time I did they say they couldn’t trace my phone back in their system and therefore couldn’t do anything to help me (btw I called them for another problem which is still unsolved, and trust me it’s REALLY frustrating).

I’m not accepting the way they handle my problem but the thing is : my Fairphone is a gift and I can’t provide a proof of purchase. That’s the main reason why they reject my demands.

To summary, I anticipated their decision and asked here for a used screen because there is good chances that it won’t go under warranty. Also I need a new screen asap bc it’s really annoying to type text on my FP2 rn.

Hope this makes my story clearer.

PS : I don’t want to pay any screen to Fairphone, if I can’t get one from the community I’ll try my desperate solution for 13€ here (how the fuck can this guy get this part ? Total mystery but I’d rather try that than buy a new screen, which raised it’s price BY 7€ lately for an unknown reason).

Makes it clearer and I feel even more for you.
I really can’t see any fault on your side. I just did not know that you had no response - besides the automated one - to your latest issue. I had understood, that FP already rejected the display issue, because of warranty being over and that would have been a really fast support-reaction.
My idea to give them a call was just because I really feel, they should act on this.
Of course, given your bad experience I understand, that you have no desire to add even more frustration to that.
Sorry, if you got the impression, I was trying to put blame on you, when I meant to encourage you to challenge FP on this issue.

I really hope you will get a new display at a fair price.

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Interesting question indeed…hopefully it works. But what I find quite funny - “with tools”…as there are no tools needed to replace the display :wink:

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As to the part on aliexpress.
If I get it right, that’s just the glass-part not the display as such?
I have really no idea, how that can be changed and if that will solve your issue. Therefore it sure is adviseable to keep it as a desperate solution.
But if you go this way and give it a try, a report on your experience would be most welcome. :slight_smile:

That was my first thought too, therefore the tools then. But I wasn´t sure if it could even be dismantled any further as it usually is replaced as full unit.
Taking a closer look at it there are small notches on the side of the display.


If it´s only the glass-part for replacing a cracked one I am also curious if the capacitive layer is with it too. Actually I am not sure if it’s an extracted layer or integrated in the glass itself.

Scrolling down further, the seller shows images of working displays (of whatever Samsung phone it may be), this leaves the (misleading) impression of being a full display unit. But the price somehow irritates and the headline also leaves all options for interpretation. The image is not very clear as well.

This could be enlightening if anyone into it, maybe a fairphoneangel would dismantle an already broken display and preferable try to make it up for ifixit.
Eventually this could reveal a weak point or show if there is any chance of fixing a faulty but non-cracked display unit.

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Well, if it is possible, it for sure is not easy. It seems the glass is glued to the plastic part.
At least, I did not manage to get the glass off from my old broken display; neither with fingernails nor with i-fixit prying tools.
Unfortunately the picture is rather small, so it’s really hard to tell what kind of tools the set includes. Hopefully the set includes some instructions what to do. Maybe some heat from a hairdryer could help with the glue?

For now I don’t want to use brute force, as I don’t need lots of tiny splinters of glass in my living room. :wink: And I don’t think, that’s the right way to do it anyway, as it could damage the electronic parts as well.

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Hi @BertG & @Patrick1,

You are both right, the touch panel is probably glued to the LCD with UV glue, and the desperate solution is to do something like this but adapted to Fairphone’s display.

I intend to share my experience if I’m finally doing it.

Btw the tools provided are the same ones for all displays you buy from China, so proper tools are needed (like your iFixit tool @BertG) .

Actually I am not sure if it’s an extracted layer or integrated in the glass itself.

Good question. Another mystery to solve.

maybe a fairphoneangel would dismantle an already broken display and preferable try to make it up for ifixit.

I’ll try it as soon as I have a new screen :joy:

Maybe some heat from a hairdryer could help with the glue?

Sure, and better : heat gun (if you have… bc I do !)

Let’s reverse engineer Fairphone :slight_smile:


Not funny, not at all. I have done some things in the past which were fiddly
but always at least a bit of fun with it. But this looks horribly tricky and messy btw. And I assume there is only one attempt to do a perfect job (no blisters and dust).
Some people out there just love such a challenge. But I think I would mess up here.
I case if you having to face this solution - I wish you all of luck to get it properly done at your first attempt and of course that it solves your problem for having all these efforts.

Not sure if you can simply add heat to this UV glue, I rather believe it has to be UV. Sunlight should do too but take longer. Probably as the materials are heat sensitive. Actually now I have heard the first time of such an UV glue being used for this purpose. (Only dentist adhesive so far.)

Let´s do it…then advance the parts and built FP3 just before FP is finished with it :joy:

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