🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Headphones plugged in and working, but speakers keep playing sound, too/ Lautsprecher gehen nicht mehr beim Einstecken der Kopfhörer aus


I have a problem. when I plug my headphones in, they are working, but the speakers, too. So the speakers are playing always the music instead of being mute.There isn´t a symbol of the headphones, when I plug them in. Has anyone an idea, what could be wrong or how I could fix it? Is there something broken? Does anyone know this problem? I don´t want everyone hearing my music all the time… (there is this app soundabout, but it seems, that it just works for music and not for skype)

It would be great if someone could help me!

Hey liebe Leute,

ich habe ein Problem, und zwar, wenn ich meine Kopfhörer in mein neues, schnickes Fairphone einstecke, dann laufen seit heute sowohl die Kopfhörer als auch die Lautsprecher weiter. Das bedeutet, ich kann zwar Musik über die Kopfhörer hören, doch die Lautsprecher tönen immer in gleicher Lautstärke mit. Es scheint so, als würde das Fairphone die Kopfhörer nicht mehr erkennen, weil wenn ich die Kopfhörer einstecke, taucht das Kopfhörer-Symbol nicht mehr auf. Ist da etwas an der Mechanik kaputt gegangen? Oder gibt es da irgendeine einfache Einstellung? Hat überhauptjemand auch dieses Problem? Es wäre derbe cool, wenn mir da jemand weiterhelfen könnte!

Viele Grüße


Do you have a second pair of headphones that you could try?

It sounds a little like the headphone jack isn’t making a connection inside. If you are using the official case with your phone, you may find that the connector doesn’t fit comfortably so try taking it out the case and see if that works

Yes, I have tried different pairs of headphones, it is always the same problem. They are working, but the speakers are keeping making sound, too. So there is a connecting between headphone and fairphone, because the headphones are working, but it isn´t muting the speakers (this stop the music when unplugging the headphones doesn´t work either)

And yes, with the official case it´s difficult, so I have tried it without, but it doesn´t make a difference…

It could be a hardware fault, as you say the headset icon isn’t appearing. When the phone detects a headset the icon should appear and the sounds should cut from the speakers.

It could also be a software problem for which the only solution might be to perform a hard reset of your phone (after doing a backup!)

Today I did this hard reset, but it´s still the same problem.

It could be, that this is because of your operating system’s version. Which version do you use? (Go to the Fairphone Updater app, to find out.)

Check out this:

I somehow suspect this to be a bug in Fairphone OS 1.7, since you state, that your phone is quite new. @Zichael_Trouw also reported this issue.

Hi FP community!

I am just getting to know and work with my new (first version) FairPhone.
However, i noticed that while i was listening to the different standard ringtones with headphones plugged in, that audio was also being played through the phone’s internal speakers. Is this intended behaviour?
Is it possible to output all audio to headphones? Or do i just have to bother my girlfriend’s ears while picking a new ringtone?

I have searched google, this forum, if it is android 4.2.2 behaviour but i could not find anything.


@Zichael_Trouw Which Fairphone OS version do you have installed? (See post 6 for more info.)

In my case it is cherry 1.6…

ok, I guess, that something got broken inside the fairphone - or I have to hope that maybe with this OS 1.8 it will work again

Hi, thanks for the quick replies,

Cherry 1.6 for me too, should i be able to update to 1.7?
It says ‘no more updates available’ though?

1.7 is a version which is placed on some of the Fairphone of the second batch.
The next update will be 1.8, so on your Fairphone you will go straight from 1.6 to 1.8

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Okay, great to know, thanks.

In this case, it seems to be a hardware fault… This shouldn’t occur though, and I hope it is covered by warranty!

I have used the radio app two times, and as far as i know, nobody heard what i was listening while biking beside myself. So maybe, just for certain system sounds this is not the case? such as ringtone?
maybe in that sense it IS intended behaviour?

@Zichael_Trouw: Did you try the Music app? I could reproduce that in the ringtone settings, music is played through the loud speakers even though I have headphones plugged in.

Sounds like an issue for writing customer support ( www.fairphone.com/asksupport ). I’ll @Marco and @anon12454812 to keep it on their radar.

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I am having the same problem since yesterday. Suddenly, speakers and headphones sound simultaneously. Is there a way I can fix it by myself? I have cleaned the Jack (it had some cotton in there, guess because of having it in the trousers bag), unfortunately it did not work.
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I haven´t fixed the problem until now - I tried to open it, but i am not a pro, so left it with the problem (I guess, to send it in takes a lot of time, too… :/) I am using now the app SoundAbout - it can mute the speakers. It is ok, but every time I am getting a call, I have to change the sound about modus first to switch to the speakers first to hear anything. So it isn´t perfect my solution

I have the same problem for some days. I’m going to submit a ticket…

Be aware that headphone detection is not done via a micro switch, but via software. So chances are that a setting or a plugin is ruining the detection. A faulty plug/connector seems highly unlikely to me.
A factory reset (without restore) could tell you more.