Garmin Connect App keeps crashing

Hello - I use Garmin Connect with my FP4 and until yesterday it worked perfectly.
Since this morning, right after starting, the Garmin Connect App crashes immediately.
I already de installed, cleared storage + cache, reinstalled and rebooted my FP4, yet the app keeps crashing.
Anyone an idea ?

Was an App update done? According to PS recent version is from 31.01…

I also have Garmin Connect and FP4, but everything works normal. What is your version of the app?

Yes, I did do the update.

I got the most recent one.

At the moment, I’m on 4.74.1. According to @yvmuell , I don’t have the latest version.
You are not the only one → New update crashes - Garmin Connect Mobile Android - Mobile Apps & Web - Garmin Forums


Oh, thanks a lot. I obviously missed that thread.
Good to know I am not alone.

I saw a thread in the Garmins forums this AM that many people were having Connect crashes while syncing, on Android.

Yes, Kritijan linked to that.
Garmin pulled a faulty update from Play Store, with the downgraded version again, the issue is solved.