Fuzzy Touch Screen or Touch Screen not working. Solved

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Droped my Fairphone 3 and the screen tourned colored and fuzzy. This is most likely a contact probelm between display module and main board.
I removed the display modul. then rebuilt the phone. after reassembly the display worked but the touch screen didn’t. I repeated the process of disassembly and assembly. This time cleaning the connector with a paper cloth first. also, tighten the screws near the connector first.!

Phone is now working again. :slight_smile:


The same exact thing just happened to me! I tried reaching out to support last nigh asking for instructions on the best way to dissassble/assemble the touchscreen/digitizer but haven’t heard back(and likely now won’t until after the weekend :frowning: ) Does anyone know where there is a good resource showing how to do this?

Fairphone’s video tutorial:

iFixit’s illustrated step-by-step instructions:


Thank you!!! Just disassembled and reassembled and it did the trick to get my input on my touchscreen working again.

Should have known that there’s be someone out there who already made a video of it.


Hello everyone and happy new year,

Unfortunately I could not send out new year wishes messages because my touch screen is now frozen. It has been doing that since I dropped it (but not from very high) but I could restart it after rebooting or by removing the battery. I also tried unscrewing the display module. This time nothing works. What should i do?
Thanks a lot

Hi, exact same story for me. The screen is flickering after I dropped it (not from very high too)

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Did you manage to solve the issue?

Hi, I have the same problem with my FP3, it fell last night (1 m) and I could restart it by removing the battery but the fuzzy screen still appears. Did you find any solution ? I think about unscrewing it and rebuild it to stop the wrong contact …

@clemix how did you do ?

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