Fuzzy Touch Screen or Touch Screen not working. Solved

Droped my Fairphone 3 and the screen tourned colored and fuzzy. This is most likely a contact probelm between display module and main board.
I removed the display modul. then rebuilt the phone. after reassembly the display worked but the touch screen didn’t. I repeated the process of disassembly and assembly. This time cleaning the connector with a paper cloth first. also, tighten the screws near the connector first.!

Phone is now working again. :slight_smile:


The same exact thing just happened to me! I tried reaching out to support last nigh asking for instructions on the best way to dissassble/assemble the touchscreen/digitizer but haven’t heard back(and likely now won’t until after the weekend :frowning: ) Does anyone know where there is a good resource showing how to do this?

Fairphone’s video tutorial:

iFixit’s illustrated step-by-step instructions:


Thank you!!! Just disassembled and reassembled and it did the trick to get my input on my touchscreen working again.

Should have known that there’s be someone out there who already made a video of it.


Hello everyone and happy new year,

Unfortunately I could not send out new year wishes messages because my touch screen is now frozen. It has been doing that since I dropped it (but not from very high) but I could restart it after rebooting or by removing the battery. I also tried unscrewing the display module. This time nothing works. What should i do?
Thanks a lot

Hi, exact same story for me. The screen is flickering after I dropped it (not from very high too)

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Did you manage to solve the issue?

Hi, I have the same problem with my FP3, it fell last night (1 m) and I could restart it by removing the battery but the fuzzy screen still appears. Did you find any solution ? I think about unscrewing it and rebuild it to stop the wrong contact …

@clemix how did you do ?

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Thx so much for the tipp and the link to the video! Everytime I opened the camera or gallery apps my FP3 screen was flickering blue and red and basically freezing not letting me do anything apart from re-starting. And I only got it 4 days ago!
After several hours of trying every recommended fix on the web and fairphone forum for similar issues (including hard-resets) I finally found this thread and dared to open it up.
Now it works just fine! Feels great to be able to actually physically and metaphorically unscrew your phone. :smiley:


Congratulations and welcome to our Community Forum! And if I get your username right, there’s even a local Fairphone Angel in your city in case you are running out of (self-)help. For more, see https://angels.fairphone.community (look for “Rhein-Ruhr”).


Nice, didn’t know that was a thing! And indeed you got the city/area right :wink: Will reach out to the angels in case I run into unsolvable issues.

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Hi there.
I really wanted to say thank you @Squeeze. A few days after receiving the FP3, I already had issues with the touchscreen suddenly not responding. Rebooting would not help. After some time it would respond again without any apparent reason and so on. I would have to rely on my old phone and that was a little disappointing.
I did exactly what you said, disassembled the phone, cleaned the screen connector with a clean cloth and tightened (quite firmly) the screws near the connector when reassembling.
It has been months together and the problem never reappeared.


Just to confirm. I dropped my Fairphone3 from my pocket. the display worked well but did not respond at all when I pressed the screen (while the side buttons were working). I dismantled the screen and reassembled it. Everything now works like a charm!


And exactly the same here - after having th FP3 a couple of weeks, I dropped it from 20 centimeters or so and the screen went nuts. Multiple reboots, taking battery out - nothing helped. Phone still worked fine, could see that in Vysor (very nice app btw).
Found this entry here, followed the video - got a bit scared when pushing the screen out, had to push harder than I was comfortable with - finally screen came out.
All looked OK, clean, no strange spots. Cleaned it anyway with soft tissue & compressed air and put it back together…
Started the phone & TADAA! Screen works.
Me happy - and a bit worried this will happen again…


I have been using my FP3 for more than a year now and since about the time I installed /e/ (based on Android 9) I’ve had the issue that sometimes the screen doesn’t turn on anymore after it goes to sleep. Also, sudden restarts every few days at least and other glitches. At the time I assumed it was all /e/ and it is simply not very stable yet.

A few hours ago I have opened the FP3 for an unrelated reason (practiced a camera change) and after reassembling it it would react to the on/off button with a vibration, but the screen would stay dark. I have taken out the battery, the cards and even dis- and reassembled the display a few times. Nothing seemed to work. I have even tried screwing the display screws in with different amounts of force. When I screwed in barely, the display would at least show colorful noise.

I have then followed an idea from this thread and opened it up yet again (…) to clean the contacts connecting the display to the board. There were just ever so slight traces of something on there (residue from air moisture?), so I’m not sure if that did anything. After reassembling the screen stayed dark yet again. This time I had screwed in the display screws with a lot of force. So I went ahead and screwed them back maybe a quarter or half a rotation on all screws and on next boot I had a picture again!

To summarize: I’m not happy that the display needs such a small sweet spot when screwing it in to work correctly. Also I can’t believe Fairphone ships a screwdriver that’s almost more sharp at the back than in the front. When you have to take out and screw back in all 13 screws multiple times in a row the center of your hand will look like you just let a whole clowder of cats lick catnip off of it. Disappointed to see that FP3+ still packs the same screwdriver.

I dropped my phone and the touchscreen stopped working. Panicked for a while then followed this video, cleaning carefully with a slightly moist glasses cloth when I’d taken the display out. Now it works! Thank you so much :pray:t6:


My Fairphone arrived with this issue. I followed the video guide, disassembled and reassembled the display module, now it works fine.


I had the same problem as several others here (black screen but phone vibrating when I pressed the power button so I knew it was turning on). It took a couple of attempts, but removing the display module, cleaning the contacts and screwing everything back in tightly worked. It was worth persisting!


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