Future Android version for the Fairphone 1 / 1U

Hmm, it seems to be slow on my tablet as well, so at least its not the hardware. Sadly, my tablet runs 4.2 as well and the only person having a phone with Android 4.4+ is my mother :-). I will ask her if we could try Nokia Here at my next visit.

let’s try “OsmAnd~”!! It works good for me and it takes a few seconds to locate GPS. Here’s the link:

I think its also worth pointing with regards to bluetooth 4.0 LE
(thats on the specifications page: http://shop.fairphone.com/specs-page.html)
it says the phone supports it but without an OS update it in fact doesnt.
Maybe I should of perused through the forums first but that was one my requirements and in fact I wouldnt have gone ahead and bought one if id known that the specs page lied!

@fairphonejonny if that is in fact like you are saying, maybe you should contact Fairphone by Email so they have chance to fix that. sorry to hear your expectations we’re not met :-(.

As this article in german shows, other smartphones have the same problem. (http://www.areamobile.de/news/23800-bluetooth-4-0-android-unterstuetzt-neuen-bluetooth-standard-nur-auf-dem-papier)

Thanks for replying Ben.
I did contact fairphone through theyre support a few days before my post.
Theyre looking into it and getting back to me so ill update here when they do.
Im an Electronics engineer myself so I have a good understanding of what the issues are.
To be honest my expectations have been exceeded considering its theyre first phone to market. I think fairphone has done a good job at creating a fairer phone and a business model which suits a more ethical and better informed society. As with all products there is always things to be learned and im sure fairphone have taken all the above on board for the future fairphones.
I also note that from what ive read fairphone didnt actually design the phone but licensed one from the manufacturers?


Ye, that is correct. They customized a licensed design a bit.

For me, having the latest Android version is essential: some accessories need 4.3 minimum (all wearables for example).
The UX is also really better on kitkat or lollipop than with Jelly Bean. Fairphone’s hardware is durable and repairable, and it is very bad that today, software makes it obsolete. I think that maybe one of the issues could be to work in partnership with Cyanogen…


For me, also, having the latest Android version is essential - the older software is the reason I haven’t bought a FairPhone yet. Furthermore, I think it is an important part of making the Fairphone sustainable - Often people buy new phones just to have access to new software, so this could be a really great way to show a commitment to stopping people from having to buy new phones.


As a developer, I want to be able to install the latest version so I can develop for future android versions. For instance the upcoming Android 5.0 “L” has some interesting new possibilities for interactions and design. I would like to be able to use the Fairphone for development rather than have to buy another less sustainable device so that I can support the latest OS version.

As a user, I am not that bothered, 4.2 is sufficient for my needs, although would be nice to be able to get the latest version.

EDIT: I am looking to get a Fairphone soon to replace my ageing and slightly unreliable HTC Desire (running Cyanogenmod 10.1 - Android 4.2). This issue is the main thing holding me back.

I agree on working with CyanogenMod… there is a 4.4 version for FP1 over at XDA Developers but seems in alpha stage.

There is. And we actually do have a thread about this here in the forums. If you are a dev yourself - maybe you can help out chrmhoffmann on the xda forums to fix some of the issues with cm for FP? Your help would surely be greatly appreciated by the community.


Yes I saw that thread about chrmhoffmann after this one. It would be interesting to get into Android modifications, but with a new baby, demanding job and mobile app development in my spare time, time is not on my side right now!!

You may recall the Fairphone team is working on a blog post regarding Fairphone’s approach to software on FP1, answering many of your questions regarding FP1/U software support, possibility of upgrading to Android 4.4/5, and outlook on alternative operating systems.

We have been busy with it, and I wanted to update you that we’re scheduled to post next week (1st week of December). Thanks for your patience!


Thank you Joe!
I guess we’re not able to able yet to install Ubuntu for Android?

We don’t have any info on that yet, but let’s wait for the blog post. Maybe then we know more.

The update to Android 4.3 is very important to me to be able to restrict app permissions (app ops). The official statements only explain how difficult it is to provide an update to 4.4 - is that true for 4.3 aswell?

Info is here!!!

@michaelp I think Android 4.3 bears the same difficulties as Android 4.4. We are still hoping, that at least an upgrade to Bluetooth LE emerges. (If you know someone who could be interested, consider forwarding the job offers.)

It’s a feature that was removed by Google in KitKat, so I wouldn’t depend too much on it if I were you (that would go for any phone). The good news though, is that the FairPhone is rooted, which means you can install Xposed on it. Xposed is a framework that allows “modules” to be installed that can change a whole range of things on your phone. A popular Xposed module is Xprivacy, which can be used to restrict permissions for individual apps and basically does the same thing as App Ops.


For info, AppOps Xposed module has been launched which brings back the App Ops settings in android 4.3 and above, unfortunately we don’t get anything in 4.2 :cry: so Xprivacy is the next best thing

Hi there,

To join the discussion, I personally don’t care too much about the features of new versions, up to now I can do anything I need with my present version, BUT…

I think security updates are a must. And considering the strange behavior of google described in the link below, I think something has to be done. Not providing any chance to get security updates for a OS which is widely used by phones which are still sold right now is a no-go. I know Fairphone is a rather small project, but the idea of the project is putting pressure on the big players in the business regarding fair conditions during the hardware manufacturing. The same thing could (and should) be done regarding the software. Since putting pressure on google itself might be more difficult than supporting some third party developers, I assume pushing CM-development is the way to go. I am not skilled enough to contribute code myself, but I will happily donate something if that is of any help.