Future Android version for the Fairphone 1 / 1U

i know the Fairphone Software team is not the “biggest” one.
When i bought my Fairphone I really hoped that they will communicate more.
More as 'its done when its done’
If they like to ship a update to 4.4 end this year they should have a update plan. New version - testing / programming the fairphone software - alpha - beta - update…

It would be nice to tell us more about this topic. So we can deside what we do.


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@Noxorius - unfortunately that’s an over simplification of the problem. To develop a 4.4 release the FP need the support of outside organisations such as the chipset manufacturer. At the moment this support is being given to large producers, and it’s more of an ‘if’ than a ‘when’ for FP getting support from Mediatek to implement a release.

This support article was updated last week to give a bit more info on the current outlook for a 4.4 release


The new version (CM 11 M10) carries some updates for multisim suppport (see changelog) maybe that will be able to provide full dualsim support for Fairphone. Any feedback on that would be great!

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bought a micro-sized Arduino Bluetooth Low Energy shield, but alas, its only compatible with Android 4.3+ (!!), :-/

So, i tested CM 11 M10 Multisim features with 2 sim cards. What I was able to test was: Data Connection with Sim Card 1, Calls and SMS with Sim Card 2. No flaws with that.


Cool! I might give it a try later this week. Don’t have a lot of spare time right now.

I would like to see an update to Android 4.3 or 4.4 since you can use app opts there.

In 4.2 there is no possibility to take away or grant rights of apps but I love the idea of controlling my apps.

I like to have an update to any version above 4.3 to have official support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE in the Android API. Any app for new bluetooth gadget will require an minimal Android version (4.3) and can’t be installed from Play Store.

From point of security I prefer to have the latest available Androind version.


My most important app is Nokia Here+ Maps. Actually I’m using an almost broken Nokia Symbian N8 with Nokia Maps. Till now Nokia Here+ Maps was only available for MS/WP and that is for me a nogo.

Nokia Here+ Maps has been released recently for Samsung Galaxy, but I would like to avoid Samsung because of all the bloatware.

Nokia Here+ Maps has been announced by the end of the year for other Android devices, but it should be Android 4.3 (or maybe 4.4 - can’t remember for now)

When Nokia Here+ Maps can be used on a Fairphone, that’s my next smartphone because it fits also my other pre-requisites (removeable battery, FM-radio, …)

So, I’m really hoping for a newer Android version on the Fairphone !

Nokia Here for Android is running on my Fairphone (Android 4.2 Jelly Bean).
It works verry good!

I downloaded the app on this site:

Surely it’s Android 4.2, isn’t it? :wink:

Yes, you are right :smile:
I meant Android 4.2.2

Thanks for that Android version confirmation.

However, In the meanwhile I’ve been reading about the many problems there are with the Fairphone GPS : GPS does not work , so I doubt if I should buy one :frowning: A pitty as it seems to have everything on board I need / want

Android 5.0 Lollipop would be good

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@sai yes Android 5.0 would be great


I’m working on a blog post with our software developer, Kees. So within a month we plan to publish a blog about our approach to (open source) software and how we can support the software going forward.

No answers yet but just so you know we are working on a substantial explanation to the current situation!


Hi, I owned a Misfit shine.
I need at least Android 4.3 to support Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to communicate with the device.

PS : When will a “non rooted” version of Android will be shipped to allow a MDM software to be installed. Otherwise, soon I will have to use another phone.


Being dependent on Mediatek is not a god position to be in. FP will be much more sustainable if its hardware is open to the community so that patches/fixes/updates can come from a wide range of sources, rather than being forced through a private bottleneck owned by a firm to whom FP is a minority customer.

Hi @wquatan,

Nokia has released a Beta Version of Here Maps on here.com/download.

Just for you ;-), i downloaded and installed the Beta on my Fairphone – you will have to register with your Google Account to use it while in Beta – and it runs on Android 4.2, including the Fairphone.

It is still loading a but slow, but also on my tablet, so i think it is a software issue. For me personally, GPS is okay, not really impressive, but not worse then my previous smartphones. Plus with GApps installed and Wifi enabled, a get a pretty decent approximation in less then seconds.
So, are you buying one now?

Thanks for testing :slight_smile:
Will try to find out if being slow might be Android 4.2 related.
I would like to buy one, but GPS is the most important feature for me, should work without any problems.
So I’m going to wait till those GPS-issues get solved (in a new Firmware ?)