Fully functioning FP1U comes with free second FP1 that needs repair! (NL)

For sale, FP1 in good working order, currently installed with the latest build of Android 4.4.4 LineageOS. Comes with a free second FP1 that has a cracked screen, and needs the USB port soldering back onto the board, but should be working except for that. This is a first edition FP1. Also, an extra battery and an official FP1 case. Make me an offer. I am based in Utrecht, but am in Amsterdam and Den Haag every week. Open to shipping options too. I’d like to see this go to a good home.


Hi @surfboy, I guess you have a little mistake: the OS can’t be “LineageOS”, that doesn’t exist for the FP1. Sad but true. I guess it’s the build from here ?


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LineageOS / Cyanogen 11.0 indeed based on the 0.0.3pre5 build. Stable enough to be used as a daily driver, and having 4.4.4 on the FP1 allows it to run apps that the older 4.2.2 cannot.

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