Frozen FP2 can't reboot

reboot doesn’t work, FP2 still frozen

Could you give us some more information please?

  • What do you mean with the phone is frozen?
    • black screen?
    • screen stuck (showing what?)
    • touchscreen not responding?
  • What do you mean with “reboot doesn’t work”?
    • not able to reboot? or
    • reboot not changing the underlying issue?
  • What Operating System are you using?
  • When did you last update?
  • What did you do with the phone last before this issue occurred?
  • Can you still get to #dic:recoverymode?

thanks for replying.

yes, black screen, for a while it showed “Fairphone”: but didn’t move to the blue band and growing dots that meant it was moving along.

i get one little shudder when I hold down volume and on/off button together, which I think reboots, but nothing changes

no light on in top left corner so I can’t tell if it’s lost charge and needs

It’s updated, can’t remember which number, but i try to be up to date

i’ve read in the forum that google maps might cause a problem, i was using the live location service about an hour before the problemm, also have a new sim installed as I’m in Vietnam

That sounds like your battery is deep-discharged. If that happens it often won’t charge normally again and the LED stays dark.
What you have to do is a so called “battery reset” which is explained in the #batteryguide.

But you do have the phone plugged in?

Buttons Action
Vol Up+Power Recovery mode
Vol Down+Power Fastboot mode (will only show Fairphone logo)
Power > 15 sec. Power off

If I understand the information in the link you provided, there is not an option to do a " battery reset" for an FP2.If i havent understood, which is possible, could you walk me through the steps to do this?Thank you

thanks for replying. yes, black screen, for a while it showed “Fairphone”: but didn’t move to the blue band and growing dots that meant it was moving along. i get one little shudder when I hold down volume and on/off button together, which I think reboots, but nothing changes no light on in top.

Thanks Johannes, I have held vol up button and power : recovery mode.

What happened next is an image of android robot on it’s back, with it’s tummy open and a red triangle with ! , the words “green bevel” under it.

A few minutes later, a buzz, and the Fairphone logo returned.

Back to square one?

Now you have to press Power + Volume Up again to open the recovery menu.

Thanks, AnotherElk,
I 'm grateful that you’re trying to help me.

I haven’t seen a charging light since this problem began, yesterday afternoon. I had the phone connected all night, but today, I’m seeing no change. The process cannot go beyond the first screen: black background, white word FAIRPHONE powered by android

holding power button and vol up or vol down results in a momentary black screen, then back to familiar as described above.

Can anyone tell me what Geen bevel means?

It means ‘no command’, which is what happens when recovery mode is started without a pre-defined series of command (such as those included in an update file).
Choosing reboot from the recovery menu sometimes solves issues, as does clearing the cache if that option is present. Take care when navigating in the menu; a factory reset will delete all user data and apps

Fairphone’s help pages put it this way:

  1. It might take the phone up to one minute to enter system recovery. When this happens, a resting Android robot lying on its back with the message “No command” will be displayed:
    • If you have Android 5 installed, you will also see a menu that you can navigate. Proceed to step 4
    • If you have Android 6 installed, you will only see the Android robot. To access the menu, press and hold the power button, wait for a second and then press and release the volume up button
  2. Use the volume up and volume down buttons to navigate into the menu. Confirm your choice with the power button
  3. In case you want to leave the System recovery, use the first entry ‘reboot system now’. This will take you back to the regular operating mode. Or you can take the battery out

Note at Step 3; Android 6: Vol Up is pressed when Power is still being held


Thank you. I have been able to reboot the system twice this morning, and I have seen the device working for a minute or two!
my aim is to get it working for long enough to turn off all the apps and just use it as a simple phone for the next two weeks.
My question is apart from choosing “reboot now” should I choose anything else from the menu for a better outcome?

Note that if the actual problem is the battery or charging mechanism, then any software approach is not going to help.
If you think the phone is restarting because there’s an issue with an app, then you can try if safemode works. Safemode disables all third-party apps, but it does have two notable disadvantages:

  • Using Safe Mode means that your widgets need to be reinstalled
  • you have to log in to your app accounts again one by one when you come out of the Safe modus again.

Fairphone explains the procedure here:

You’re probably best off using the approach for when the phone is off - this means pressing Vol Up when the Fairphone logo shows when starting the phone (don’t hold it with Power when starting, as that would put you in fastboot mode).

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After ca 30 hours of frozen black, I have successfully rebooted my FP2 using the battery kickstart procedure shown in message 7. That’s good – thanks – but it’s a puzzle to find that the battery indicates not deep discharge but 90% charge. What is going on?

I am looking to replace the battery when replacements become available. That is set to happen this month. Anyone know when this month?

You might also consider that problems with the bottom module could also cause problems with charging the phone.

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