Front facing video not working

Wonder if anyone can help me. New to fair phone and my front facing video is not working. It does on camera setting but not on video I see a few seconds then get a black screen. Its like the screen goes too dark to see anything. I also have a problem with it randomly switching off it seems to be getting less or I am being more accepting of it… Really want to love my new fair phone.

First, update your phone if you haven’t already.

Try to take out the top module, clean the connectors and put the top module back in. If this doesn’t help, contact support.

Do you mean the camera or the phone? If you meant the phone, try to stick some pieces of paper with tape on the bottom of the battery (at the opposite side of the contacts) until it sits tight.

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Some more information might be needed for the tech savvy folks in this forum:
What OS are you running?
Do you have the new or the old camera module?
What app are you using; or is this happening with various apps?

For me front camera video works.
I am having the following installation:
Old Module (2 MP), FPOS 18.02 and Open Camera/Footej camera (works on both)

If the phone is switching off; that kind of reboot issue seems to be quite common (I experience it as well), and there’s a mighty helpful wiki to the reboot issue.


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