Front camera video upside down in Conversations video calls 🙃

The XMPP client Conversations recently got a function to also make video calls :partying_face:.
But when I call someone from my FP2 running LineageOS 17.1 from 24 July the video from the front camera is shown upside down, both to me and to the other person in the call. :upside_down_face:

Does anyone else have this problem, be it also in Conversations or in other apps?

Do (other) apps use the movement sensors to figure out the orientation? Could it be that my camera is actually placed upside down and should I open the phone to check? :wink:

The bug has been reported at but if it also happens in other apps then it should better be fixed in LineageOS and not in Conversations.

For reference, an older discussion about a similar problem with the stock camera app in LineageOS: FairPhone 2 - Front camera upside down (but on the current LineageOS the stock camera works fine and has the correct orietnation)

Just for the reference: Does your phone have the old or the new camera module? I’ll try it with my phone (LOS 17.1, old camera) as soon as I may disturb a suitable contact :wink:

I have the new (5 MP) front camera module.

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Same problem with my wifes phone here. My own one works perfectly. I’ll exchange the cam modules this evening and report back if it’s due to the core module or the cam.


Tested with the old camera and the latest Conversations version and latest LOS 17.1. Everything fine, my video is upside up…

To those who experience the issue:



Thank you for testing! Maybe it only happens with the new camera then. If I can find the old module again :mag_right: :eyes: then I will swap them and test again.

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For me the exchange does not effect anything. My own FP2 works perfectly with each cam, my wife’s is every time upside down.

Are there different versions of the front camera? :thinking:

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Yes, there are, read the text about the new one in the shop:


I tried different top modules now. With the 2MP camera from another phone I have the correct video orientation. Also if I put my 5MP selfie camera into the other phone then the video is upside down there. So it really seems to be about the front camera module.

I have the same problem. Taking selfies the front camera shows the image correctly but when I’m using games or apps that use the front camera to take a profile pic for instance, the image shows upside down. It’s annoying and I don’t know how to fix it.

Ah, good to know then that it is not specific to Conversations. Do you also use LineageOS? And do you maybe have examples of (camera) apps you use where it does (not) work?

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