Front Camera not working

Hi, i tried to remove the camera and clean connections as suggested in other topics bit it didn’t work. Is there anything else i can do to fix this problem? My FP2 is only six months old…

So it’s still in Warranty. Contact Fairphone Support. For bonus points (and possibly a quicker process), do so via the troubleshooter: The general contact form is at


Did you try that with the top module? That’s where the front facing camera sits.

Dear All,
I have bought a brand new FP2 04. January 2019.
I immediately updated the OS to Android 7.1.2:
Than I tried to check all functions and struggled with the Front Camera and the phone switch off.
How it appears:

  1. Open the camera APP (standrad from Google) - rear camera and Video works
  2. Switch to the front camera - APP freezes in the rear camera view
  3. APP shut down and Restart - error message appears - fatal camera error
  4. reset to factory Settings or Cache swipe enable the rear camera, but the front camera did not get alive

Help desk contacted (Trouble Shooting issue): adviced what I have already done, no Progress I assume they slow down that I am not in the Position to unscribe the contract.
Saying it must be sofware issue, but reading here in the Forum it might be the camera module or the main module, the hard ware Quality seems not reliable.

Installed Open Camera - Restart of the APP enables the rear camea without swiping the Cache, front camera not.

For the switch off issue I have found the instruction switch on the tourch to switch off thephone, otherwise it Always Restart.

I have never been so Deep in the firmwar and operating System of a Smartphone before. I want a phone like usual: unboxing, installing SIM / SD, power n, doing updates and installing APP’s and it works, like the blood phones.

I have the Impression that Fairphone is selling Smartphones to avoid the usage of this Technology, it shall by 80% less bloddy than the others, but avoiding to use Smartphone functionality is 100% less of blood and 400€ cheaper.

Hi guys from Fairphone solve the issue imediately or send my cash back, your Technology is not an alternative. FP is doingeverything but not the customer, I am completely frustrated and Angry about the product and support.

Hi there,

I have the same issue with my Fairphone 2. I purchased a new top module December 2018 and after troubleshooting and updating, the front camera still refuses to respond. My default camera app also stopped working (after updating the software), and I’ve had to start using the open camera app. This is a lot worse in quality and processing speed than the original camera.



I have a FP2 and the front camera has stopped working. The screen is black with a small, almost not visible, blue dot on the left side of the screen. Selfie camera works fine. I’ve tried re-booting but no results. I don’t get any error code or message.

Any ideas? Warranty is expired.
Thanks in advance!

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