From FP1 directly to FP4

Yes for Fairphone, they should really check the HP for consistency and completenss…

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Thank you very much for the quick response. I will probably buy a new cable and try to use it with my old charger. I assume that if the charger should not work it should be possible to charge the phone via my laptop. The 2.0 cable should be fine for me because I do not copy much between the phone and the computer so I don’t mind if it takes some time. I also do not need to charge the phone really quickly and if I change my mind on this in the future I can still buy another charger.
Regarding the headphones - yes, my old ones are wired and I already noticed that there ist no built-in jack. I had preferred one but I can live with an adapter because I do not use the headphones a lot anyway.
Once again thank you very much for your advice. Have a great Sunday afternoon!


One more question: I am unsure as to which version of FP4 to by. As you might already suspect I am not a heavy user of my smartphone. So the “small” version with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage will most definitely meet my needs. After all, I have not even used the full capacity of the 16 GB storage of my FP1… However, I love the green colour of the bigger version and would spend the extra more money just for this colour… :blush: But I read that too much RAM is bad for the battery if you don’t really need and use the capacity. Thus, it might be wiser to buy the smaller version. It’s not a question of the price (regarding the term I’m planning to use the phone the differende would be acceptable) but a question of responsible use of resources. What would you recommend?

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Yes that’s what I would buy with a red case :slight_smile:
And true more RAM will use more power, maybe not a lot but it all adds up.

Maybe use some coloured nail varnish on the grey case :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t care about the battery usage, it will be negligible and if you intend to use your phone as long as you did with the FP1 then surely go for the bigger ram. It is not sure that more ram uses more battery, it could very well be that it even saves battery. It really depends on a lot of factors, e.g. whether more memory swapping must be done because of the smaller ram.



More internal storage is more future-proof, too, 256 GB might make the difference between you having to use an additional SD card or not, and if not now, then perhaps later, who knows.
If it’s not a question of the price for you, you now have the chance to make sure you will not regret the purchase of the smaller version in a few years time. And you will get your preferred colour :wink: .

We don’t know any difference in the use of resources yet.
It might well be that the number of chips produced and used might be the same in both phones.
RAM and storage chips come with different capacities. The ones with smaller capacity are cheaper, and the resources used for smaller or bigger capacities should be negligible compared to everything which goes into the phone.
In chip production in general the difference often is how many parts of a chip passed a performance test and how many parts failed. Resources used in these cases are the same, but if the chips are not a complete failure and can be used with smaller capacities or fewer cores, it uses resources pretty well compared to throwing away a whole chip. But I don’t know the details about the Fairphone 4 chips. We would need a look at the equipped mainboards of the two phones to compare.


Well I like the extra SD card which isn’t encrypted by default as long as it’s external. Then I don’t loose any of my personal media/data etc. when the phone dies.

The OS is the main user of the memory. My 7 year old Samsung alpha did have 32GB but I only ever used 10GB

My FP3 has 64Gb and 14GB used by the default OS, only 3GB by apps.

The rest is on my SD card formatted as external/portable

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At the moment I like to have this setup, too.
But I don’t lose my data because I have a backup of it somewhere else, not because I trust the flimsy SD card to keep it safe :wink: .


Hi I have back ups ~ copies of the SD :slight_smile: but don’t use cloud storage, google etc.


Isn’t this the old “anecdotic evidence” again?

My FP3 uses 48 GB of the 64 GB and only 15 GB are used by the system. And thats with me keeping 78 GB of music on the additional SD card (which isn’t even my entire music collection)…

Not to mention the people I had to help as a Fairphone angel in order to free up some space because they could no longer add new photos or documents or apps because storage was full.

Edit: ok, sorry, I probably didn’t give the context enough weight (someone who managed with 16 GB on an FP1). In that case 128 GB are likely enough. But still, I for one always - on FP1, FP2 and now FP3 - just managed with the internal storage because music could be stored on the external card. So I’d still say “The OS is the main user of the memory.” depends heavily on the usage pattern, more so if the phone (partly) replaces a computer.


Hi, thanks to you all for the replies. I am still undecided but still slightly tend to the nice green colour :smiley:

I thought only of the battery, mainly regarding battery life. Although I don’t really have a clue I can imagine that resources for chips are not that big a deal. Still, it feels like a waste to buy a phone with so much storage if I don’t need it. But hey, maybe I will start making thousands of pictures and films with the new phone (nobody who ever saw my photos would believe that!) or use an app for everything instead of just the browser :wink: And maybe future Android will need more storage.


Since the Fairphone 4 camera can do 48 MP output, the resulting picture files could be huge depending on the quality settings and could use lots of storage :wink: .


Surely since everything is modular, you can buy your favourite colour back cover as an extra.

Hi @cimbalom Welocome to the forum.


a) the body of the phone, the side you look at and the edges are still the same colour as what you buy, unless you buy multiple modules for hundreds of Euros etc. Modules that are not even available yet, or ever to be, likely/maybe?

b) even buying the back colour means you have an extra colour you don’t want and

c) have you seen the cost of just the back cover, I’ve though there was an error ??? The older FP3 is still 25 Euros for a slim piece of plastic

I finally decided to pre-order the bigger version in green :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Just to make sure I have enough storage in case I want to keep - unlike today on my FP1 - more than 24 pictures :wink:


It good to be nice to yourself and at the same time up the fair trading.

All the best

Hello again to everybody :slightly_smiling_face:
Just in case anyone is interested: I got my my FP4 two weeks ago and managed to move all the important data from my faithful FP1 and to install the eSIM (I know that is nothing to impress you guys but I am proud of myself to manage everything on my own :wink:). The phone runs on Google because I am not experienced to use it without. However, I disabled some apps and installed an alternative launcher (Niagara, which is very plain and simple) to get rid of the Google search bar.
So far everything works fine although I do miss some minor things the FP1 provided but that’s probably a question of habit. To make up for this the green colour is even more beautiful than I expected :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And by the way: Charging with my old FP1 charger took reeeeeaaaaly veeeeeeeeery long so I also bought a new charger. And I am fully determined to use this phone for at least 10 years what I originally intended with my FP1 which will still serve me as mp3 and radio player.
Season’s greetings to everyone! :christmas_tree:


Congratulations - thanks for sharing your awesome commitment!


That’s only due to your awesome commitment! :blush:


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