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3. Freiburg Heaven Fairphone-Stammtisch

Treffen der Freiburger Fairphoner*innen 26 Mar 2019, 19:00 Uhr


Infos zum ersten Treffen im Jahr 2018

July 5, 2018 4:00 PM

Hi Guys,

first meetup in Freiburg is up on 5th of july in the Chaos Computer Club Freiburg.
All Infos here: 1. Freiburg Heaven Fairphone-Stammtisch


Any report on this meetup? How many people attended?


There were 12 people present. I have written a text in the diary that I will also publish here


"Dear Fairphone Community Diary,

This is your first stay in beautiful Freiburg, Germany. I’m Max, the Angel around here. It has been my first meetup and I’m pretty happy the way it turned out. I organized the meetup at the local Chaos Computer Club (www.cccfr.de) where I’m a member. We had craft beer and Club Mate to stay bright awake. The CFP2 has not travelled here with you but this is pretty much my fault. I was late with the organization and I couldn’t find the request form at first. Anyway, we were 12 people. 9 of these had a FP2, one had a FP1 and two came without a Fairphone, though one of them was pretty sure to order one after the meeting.
One woman brought me her four-year-old FP1 with a bloated battery, saying it had been working unreliably for the last two months. She was very happy to get a used battery from my spare parts stock.
Furthermore, we spoke about open-source software, one attendee showed us the Yalp Store and we discussed the advantages and inconveniences of encryption. Here’s the list of attendees: (there will be no pictures, because in the CCC community, we would die for our “Persönlichkeitsrechte” :slight_smile: )
Max (FP2 Angel)

The next meeting will be in september. I will try to get you and your companion, the CFP2, for that meeting.
I wish you farewell and auf Wiedersehen


What a great start! :slight_smile:

Did you agree on another meetup right away? This topic has a date: September 6, 2018 6:00 PM (Europe: Paris), September 6, 2018 9:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Edit: Ok, @urs_lesse hat mir folgenden Link geschickt: https://cccfr.de/calendar/2018-09-06-fairphone-stammtisch.html :wink: @hnms Könntest du die @fairphone.community-E-Mail verwenden?

You’re starting to scare me, @urs_lesse. You had that date mere hours after I published it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure. Sorry 'bout that. I copied the text from back when my mailman didn’t work :slight_smile:

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That’s rather a co-incidence today :angel: I happened to stumble about the new entry on Fairphone’s own events page earlier today when I was just trying to figure out something with Fairphone’s Lina. Nice succession: 2-9 D’dorf, 4-9 Aachen, 6-9 Freiburg. I better not request the CFP2, if there is a 4 day gap between D’dorf and you, there is a chance it works out logistically.

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Don’t worry! :slight_smile: PS:: I already placed the 2nd meetup in the communitymap :slight_smile:

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You’re an angel! - oh wait


Here’s the news snippet that “Badische Zeitung”, the local newspaper, published.



(Yes, I’ll use the @fairphone.community address this time) :slight_smile:

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Second meetup is tonight! Freiburg is the place to be!

Thanks to Badische Zeitung for promoting the event again! It does not seem like much, but the local newspaper really reaches a lot of people.


@Stefan see how I used the right address :wink:

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I get the question sometimes because this thread receives very few updates: The Freiburg Heaven is up and running, serving about 5 “customers” a month (mostly broken FP2 bottom modules). Contact the Angels at freiburg@fairphone.community at any time.

Ich werde manchmal gefragt, warum es hier keine Neuigkeiten gibt: Der Freiburger Himmel ist weiterhin aktiv und bedient ca. 5 “Kund*innen” im Monat (meistens kaputte FP2 bottom modules). Kontakt zu den Engeln: freiburg@fairphone.community

Le “ciel” de Fribourg acceuille également les personnes francophones ! Contactez les Anges par mail: freiburg@fairphone.community


Just mentioning, “ciel” can’t be used in French in this sense, you can use “paradis” instead :wink: