Freezes, slow reaction, BT audio stutter


my phone suffers from substantial delays in reacting to touch input (and sometimes HW buttons)
and reboots at least once every 24 hours. It is not reproducible and sometimes
does not occur for up to a day. On some reboots, SIM cards are unavailable until rebooting manually.

Searching the forum lead to the following similar topics:

The often advised removal and install of the screen did not fix the issue, nor
did “massaging” the device. Cleaning the contacts of the screen module with
alcohol also did not help.

Removing SIM cards and the microSD card does not help.

The issue predated the update to android 7, so I suspect HW issues.

Also, whenever the phone is in a state where it reacts slowly, BT audio skips (up to two seconds), stutters and clicks and pops may be heard, as if there were buffer underruns. Audio during calls is fine.

Other issues are a defective headphone plug (finicky left channel issue) and microphone (no calls without (BT or wired) headset or speaker mode).

Is there any option apart from sending the device in for HW diagnostics? Or is there an angel in the Stuttgart area that could lend me a phone so I can reset and test my current one? It is my daily driver and I have no replacement atm.


A map and contact info of the available angels is here … fairphoneangels .

I have exactly the same issues… SIM vanishing, random reboots, show operation, wifi freezing… I am hoping a whole migration to Lineage OS would make my pain lighter…
When SIM disappeared, I open the phone and I exchange them (I have two SIMs and it used to work… After several reboots… I also had mobile data stucked on H slow data exchange mode… I had to flip SIMS in order to get a reasonable 4G connection…

If you’re having hardware issues, I’m having exactly the same!!!


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