Free broken FP1: NOT ANYMORE ! (see conversation with Urs)

Microphone doesn’t work anymore (probably broken daughterboard). But for the rest everything is OK with this phone (surfing, whatsapp, streaming or playing music or video’s). 1 scratch on the touchscreen.

NB shipping cost for ‘buyer’! I can also hand it over if you live nearby.
If interested, please send me a personal message.

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If it’s the microphone itself that is broken, this should be easy (and cheap) to repair. The microphone sits on the daughterboard which is still available (5.00€ plus shipping) from Fairphone’s spare parts shop. :slight_smile:

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Dear Urs,
no it isn’t avalaible anymore, that’s the whole point! Following the link you gave me leads to: “We regret that we are no longer able to offer spare parts.”
And of course it’s the daughterboard, thanks for that.

The sentence you are quoting is indeed giving the false impression (I have tried in vain to make Fairphone use a better wording) that it’s sold out, but it is still available.

How do I order something that can’t be ordered?
If you’re right I have bought a new smartphone for nothing.

I can “Add to cart” the item a bit further down on the spare part description page:

I actually just tried to go through with the order and I was able to do so until the final step (I just didn’t want to send the order then, of course :wink: ).

Thanks Urs, I found it. I’ll delete the message.

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Alternatively, you might want to contact the Amsterdam Fairphone Angel to try if it’s really just about the daughterboard. If you’re lucky, he might actually have a used spare daughterboard as well.


Hi NicovdrWel,

If you do not get to fix it, please private message me if you want to donate your FP to my project:

I really hope you are lucky and recover your phone!


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