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Bonjour à tous,
J’ai cherché (peut-être mal :frowning:) sans trouver réponse à cette simple question:
Comment met-on un numéro de téléphone en liste noire sur ce FP2?
J’ai regardé les option de “Téléphone” sans trouver.
J’ai cherché en ligne, pas moyen de trouver. Je croyais que Android 6 gérait cela nativement?? Me serais-je trompé :neutral_face:??
Doit-on faire usage d’une application tierce? Si oui, (ce qui est bien dommage), laquelle me conseillez-vous, sachant que je ne veux pas d’intrusion dans ma vie privé, et que je souhaite une programme peu gourmand en ressource?
Merci pour vos retours.

==== In english
Hello to all,
I looked (maybe badly :frowning:) without finding answer to this simple question:
How do we put a phone number in blacklist on this FP2?
I looked at option of “Téléphone” without finding.
I looked on-line, not way to find. I believed that Android 6 managed it natively? Would I have made a mistake :neutral_face:??
Do we have to make use of a third application? If yes, (what is a great pity), which one do you advise me, knowing that I do not want intrusion in my private life, and that I wish one programs little greedy in resource?
Thank you for your returns.
Best regard.

Perhaps you’ll find what you seek here …

Thank you for your reply AnotherElk,
But number phone should be in the contact do reject to the messaging. It is not that i want, i wish from a number reject any call from that number without send the call to the messaging… A true blacklist…

Hmmm … I’m back on LineageOS and I get something like (sorry, German phone):

(Start Dialer App) - Three dot menu - Settings - Call blocking - Add a number (text says “You don’t get calls or SMS from blocked numbers”)

I don’t know whether that’s a LineageOS thing.

Edit: Ok, I found out it’s an Android 7 thing, and the current LineageOS 14.1 is based on that. For reference:

How to block phone numbers in Android Marshmallow

How to blacklist spammy phone numbers with Android Nougat

Sorry for the confusion.

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Also Hmmm from me…
I just looked at the hints for Marshmallow as our FP2s are on this level (6.0.1). But unfortunately, there is no menu option “Block Number”, only the first two options are available. May be this option is cut by Fairphone or simply forgotten to activate. BTW I use my FP2 in german UI language, so perhaps it works in others (will give it a try the next days).

Edit: the menu option is missing in other GUI languages too.

If I understood correctly you want to block a contact for incoming calls, if this is your need you have to open the Contacts app, then select a contact, tap on the pencil button (to modify it) and then the 3dots menu, there should be an option with a checkbox “All calls to voicemail” or similar (I’ve got the Italian language so don’t know how it appears in other languages :P)
Hoe it helps, bye! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. Yet, i am still on Android 6… LineageOS looks a little difficult to install for me, i worried to mistake and crash the phone.
No matter for the confusion, it arrive to everybody.
Best regard.

It is not a contact i want block, it is a phone number not in my contact. I saw everywhere on the FP2, nothing to block some number (or contact).
Thank you for your reply.

I explain more well my wish:

I don’t want redirect the call to mailbox, but reject that call… to nowhere.
Thank you

Yes, I think we understood that now.
But if you don’t have the option to block in Fairphone’s Android 6, you can still redirect to mailbox as a workaround. It is closer to your wish than doing nothing :wink: .

(I saw your French thread about installing LineageOS. That’s a solution, of course. Hopefully all goes well.)


@AnotherElk , hello, :smiley:,

I had problem while installing LineageOS, it was the LineageOS.zip that shoud n’t want to install, message error is error 7, incomptible data… Can you help me here, please?

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