🇫🇷 🇬🇧 Fp2 - Open OS 17.06.4 - "reboot intempestifs" - "untimely reboot"

Hello @Gerry
I have n’t found an App who can gives me informations about the temperature also for CPU and Ram and Battery.
I saw that inside “Kernel Adiutor”, we can build our own test. I don’t know what code input there who can show me the sensors level. If someone knows, tell me please, i’am curious to try it.
At my look, there is nothing different about the temperature, maybe finish to use an App, change cold a little more fast.

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Hi @Gerry

I found an App “Cpu gauge”.

without any App who’s running.
CPU temperature is between 49°C to 51°C
CPU usage is between 11% to 31%

with many App who are running.
CPU temperature is between 54°C to 73°C at the max level.
CPU usage is between 29% to 85%

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Many thanks for performing the tests and posting the results. I do not have a Fairphone 2 at hand right now to compare, but 73 °C are indeed very hot! :astonished: Some people already reported throttling issues in 17.06.4 (Open), e.g. while watching a Youtube video.

Maybe Fairphone should have a look into that, and reduce CPU frequency when under pressure…

I apologize, i mistake about the name of the App i use to know the temperature and usage of the processor.
App is Cpu Temperature
Best regard.



I updated to OS 17.06.4 yesterday, too and experienced the same troubles… extremly hot cpu and after a certain point of temperature my FP2 rebooted. Unfortunately many times during the day within different situations (making phonecalls, looking at pics, browsing…)

I installed three apps:

  • Kernel Adiutor (for setting the max cpu frequency lower in order to decrease the temperature)
  • CPU temperature (to watch the cpu temperature)
  • Super Cooler (for finding apps that heat up the cpu)

Thanks to @Lintianfu for the tips.:+1:

Unfortunately there was no big change… sometimes the cpu heats up to 86 degrees and - of course - reboots then. :worried:

Even/because I reduced the cpu to 1.500 MHz, it is mostly running above 85 percent (with only one or two apps opened…)

Hmmm… anyone a hint what to do?

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That is weird! :astonished:

I thought lower CPU frequency would produce less heat. Obviously I was wrong…

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Yup, that was my thought, too. :rolling_eyes:

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Still in test, i want try to minimize by reducing CPU maximum frequency, from 1958 MHz to 1728MHz.
Original CPU frequancy was 2265 MHz.
I try by playing a game while 30 minutes, i know that the games are relatively greedy in memory and load CPU.
I had noticed that the temperature of the processor could achieve 78°C !!

Some CPU for computer also can have very hot temperature, more than 95°C. But first, they are rare, and also get easy broken. Electronic parts does like high temperature, that is sure.

I have n’t try for which level of frequency the CPU stand with confortable temperature.
You think, or mean that whatever is the frequency we can choice, temperature will stand high ?

When I make a backup in TWRP (encrypted phone), the temperature rapidly rises to values high in the 80s°, nearly 90° C. When the backup is finished, it decreases just as rapidly.
So a demanding game pushing the CPU to 78° C doesn’t sound problematic to me.

This cannot be “healthy” for any CPU. :neutral_face:

@AnotherElk , have you experienced any random reboots in regard with such high CPU temperatures?

That is sure?? Well, let us remove every air condition in datacenters and wait a while… :wink:

Never (knocking on wood).

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I return to announce you my feels having reduced the load of the CPU.
1 : the reduction of the load CPU, influences only little the temperature of the processor.
2 : I am surprised seeing so much gap from behavior between our processors. Some reboot inconveniently, others warm more than some. Why? Processors are not the same type or manufacturing?
3 : FP2 becomes soft of knees by lowering the cadence of two level. Latencies are noticed.
4 : I have sudden no inconvenient restart since the reduction of load CPU.

So maybe reduce a little the CPU charge is temporary a way to escape the reboot. I just wish that the FP2 team found the right way to solve that.

There are at least 2 variants, it is discussed in the thread you visited already.
From the poll there it looks like the AA variant is more likely to give you trouble than the AB variant. But then again not many people out of the many Fairphone 2 users out there voted in the poll, and I as well as some others have the AA variant and no trouble at all, so it is not a very scientific way to say anything based on that :slight_smile:

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Salut !
J’avais le même soucis depuis presque 1 an sous FP OS et FP Open OS sous Android 5. La semaine dernière, à l’occasion de la sortie d’Android 6 sous Open OS j’ai fait un factory reset, un wipe de toutes les partitions, une réinstall propre de la 16.04 et enfin la maj OTA de la 16.06.4 via TWRP et là… miracle ! plus un seul random reboot ! j’ai l’impression de revivre :smiley:
J’ai fait des tests avec des appli gourmandes / GPS : le tel chauffe mais ne reboot pas. J’ai aussi installés des tweaks via XPosed, des appli avec accès root, etc… et tout va bien ! J’ai également l’impression que l’accroche GPS est bien meilleure qu’avant, bref le passage sous Android 6 à résolu tous mes problèmes !
Ce topic peut également t’intéresser si tu ne l’a pas déjà vu : [Bug] ✏ Upgrade to FP Open 17.06.4 renders phone useless (freezes once booted and reboots itself)

PS : Pour info j’ai pas touché à la fréquence du proc, et j’ai une version AA

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Chez moi les random reboots venaient de la coque slim avec laquelle j’ai reçu le FP2.
Le SAV m’a envoyé une coque regular et depuis tout va bien…

Bonjour Pierre,
et les autres,
Merci pour l’info. Je n’ai pas refait les partitions, mais j’ai installé la “FP2-userdebug 6.0.1 - fp2-sibon-17.06.4” en passant par les bouton “son haut” et " power" au démarrage, et installé depuis la carte SD.
Je pensais que cela suffisait… à la lecture de tes infos, non.

FP2 - Andoid 6.0.1 - sibon-17.07.6
Processeur Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA

I upgrade the OS system, thinking that it will change the problem of intempestiv reboot…It did n’t, yet i have more reboot than before… I try to adapt the CPU charge less, but it it same… Does exist a way to solve that problem deffinitly??? I begin to upset with that phone and begin to regret my old Huawei…

17.08.1 is coming :wink: … Not that I believe this would change anything.
You could still try LineageOS (based on Android 7) and Open GApps if you need Google Apps … and see whether Android 7 does better.

Or you could contact support. Random reboots with a supported OS which don’t go away with any measure might be a warranty case.

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Hello AnotherElk,
Thank you for your reply… I read the link about LineageOS, (i don’t want google App), but my english is so bad, i don’t know how to use the flash indicate in. I wait a new OpenOS with Android 7 inside… maybe is better for my FP2 :smirk:

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