FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Hi all,

yesterday, while watching some videos I saw that the temperature raised to 70ºC and the phone was burning in the back, next to the camera. is it normal?


Here is an article issued on October 30th, maybe it helps:

Thanks for the answer.

I can imagine that videos or games usually make the cpu work, but isn’t it expected? I mean, no one from FP expected that FP users will watch videos or play games? I’m not doing anything different from what I was doing with my previous FP1 (or any other phone I’ve had).

I don’t like the solution FP proposes and it does not explain why it keeps rebooting. Also, it has started to freeze and not only reboot (will look in the forums for the freeze problems).

This is making the phone unusable.


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This could be an indicator for an overheating CPU. As far as I know, the SoC in the Fairphone 2 is not furnished with components that help to effectively conduct the heat away from it.

“freeze” happen even with the phone “cold”. Someties it just freeze, sometimes it freezes and reboots after 2/3 secs.

I don’t watch videos or use demanding Apps like games much, but …

… and I have no random reboots.
I only had some random reboots with the modem files of Fairphone Open OS 17.08.1(.1), but I fixed that by using older or (upon release) newer ones. No problem since then.

I recognise this – reboots when I’m in the car and using an app to navigate…

I’ve been having freeze and reboot issues with my FP2 from the beginning. That’s what? Almost two years already? I somehow got used to it. It’s worse when it’s cold and it was definitely reproducible when taking it out of the car kit. I thought it was related to the new OS-version or environmental, like low humidity, or a combination of those two.

Then FP started to offer bottom replacement modules, and thought I would give it a try. Ordered it, replaced it within minutes and it never crashed ever since! That’s two weeks now and that’s definitely a record. (Previous record was like two days.)

This worked for me. Looks like it was a hardware issue after all.

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I had random reboots a lot in a day. Fixing the camera module improved the thing. Then, I switched from 4g to 3g. Better, no more reboot, some app crash a bit but that’s okay. The main problem is that know I loose the connection from time to time (data and voice) as if the phone could’nt find the cell tower. What can I do to have a working 4g ?

That might be a problem of the antenna. You may search for a solution here:

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Good news: The 4g reboot problem is gone (didn’t happen for 3 weeks) without me doing any configuration or software change to the phone. I have to think that it was some mobile network problem which was fixed by the operator. I hope it never comes back! Fingers crossed…


so, I did disable 4G for the last 3 week and had very few reboots (4?). Today I’ve enabled it again and it did reboot in less than 30 minutes.

Does it mean that I have to open a case with support? I mean, the 4G thing is listed as a workaround, but I’d not expect this to be a fix. What did other people do?

Thanks in advance,

Since this issue has been registered in the Fairphone bugtracker, the development team should be aware of it.

So, sooner or later it will be fixed? is that what you mean?
All FP2 users are suffering from the same “bug”? isn’t my FP2 that is broken?
do I supposed to use the FP2 without 4G always?

TBH all three options are open to you:

  • you can contact support to get a replacement. Most FP2s don’t have random reboots, but be aware that even with a replacement phone there is a (the same) chance that you’ll get them.
  • you can turn off 4g and live with a slower internet connection
  • you can wait for a software fix. FP is working on it since always and every now and then an update improves the situation, but I wouldn’t expect it to ever be fixed for everybody.

I think that several conditions must be met to experience this bug, so I would say: No.

It depends on the general possibility to fix this issue. To me it seems that the bug lies in some part of the modem firmware, therefore I am confident that it can be fixed in cooperation with the Fairphone team.

Thanks for your answers.

I think I’ll contact support. I expected 4G to work and I’m not satisfied right now. (I went from FP1 to FP2 for some reason being 4G one of them).


Since my Fairphone 2 came with the post owl, I installed it with most of my usual apps immediately. But my nice blue FF2 did not like them all. Something was wrong, and the result was indeed random reboots, and many stops from even the standard apps.
First step was to remove all caches. That did not help. Second move was the Safe Mode.
In Safe Mode nothing bad happened, so I should have a look at it in the unsafe mode. First, I made a list of all the disabled apps in Safe Mode, and decided on which one I would remove. I could choose from about 40 potentially culprits…

I choose AVG Antivirus Pro. Bit tricky of course, but I suspected it because it puts its nose in almost every step you take. BINGO
After uninstalling AVG my phone behaved even trickier. But after re-installing AVG, everything was fine. AVG showed a much different, more complete behaviour, and I had no more reboots.

Now only Chrome likes to stop unexpectedly, but the Google apps tend to be updated every day, so I don’t care very much.

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A good reminder …


Problem durch Repair Center gelöst

Ich hatte das Problem, dass mein neues Fairphone 2, das ich direkt bei der Firma Fairphone gekauft hatte, circa zweimal pro Woche ohne erkennbaren Grund neustartete. Immer fror zuerst das Display ein. Nach etwa 2 Sekunden startete das Fairphone neu. Ich habe das Betriebssystem Fairphone OS benutzt und hatte als einzige zusätzliche App Whatsapp installiert. Beim Durcharbeiten des troubleshooting tools wurde ich dazu aufgefordert, das Support Center zu kontaktieren. Das tat ich und wurde dann per E-Mail dazu aufgefordert, mein Fairphone 2 zum Repair-Center einzuschicken. Im Repair Center wurde das Mainboard meines Fairphones ausgetauscht. Vor drei Wochen wurde mein repariertes Fairphone an mich zurückgeschickt. Seitdem hatte mein Fairphone keinen zufälligen Neustart mehr. Die Mitarbeiter der Firma Fairphone waren stets sehr freundlich. Die Reparatur war für mich inklusive Zustellung komplett kostenlos. Ich bin mit meinem Fairphone 2 sehr zufrieden.

problem solved by repair center

I hat the problem, that my new fairphone 2, which I bought directly from the Fairphone company, was suffering from random reboots about two times per week. It always happened in that way: The display froze and about 2 seconds later my fairphone rebooted. I used the working system Fairphone OS and the only app I had installed was whatsapp. Working through the troubleshooting tool, I was adviced to contact the support center. I did this and by email I was adviced to send my phone to the repair center. At the repair center the mainboard of my Fairphone 2 has been exchanged. Three weeks ago, my repaired fairphone was sent back to me. Since then, my Fairphone did not have any random reboot again. The staff has always been very friendly. The repair of my phone including shipping has been completely free. I did not have to pay money. I am very happy with my fairphone.