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Bonjour tout le monde,
J’ai un Mac sur Sierra 10.13.3 et j’ai toujours utilisé le logiciel Android File transfer pour gérer les fichiers de mon téléphone, et voilà une semaine que j’ai le fairphone 2.
J’aimerais mettre des fichiers sur une carte SD externe mais voilà, une fois l’USB connecté et configuré en MTP, le logiciel me dit que mon téléphone est vide (alors qu’il reconnait la mémoire interne et externes d’habitude).
Savez-vous ce que je peux faire ?
Merci !

Hi everyone
I have a MacBook Pro with Sierra 10.13.3 and I have always used Android File transfer app in order to manage my files in my android mobile, and I have a fair phone 2 for 1 week now.
I would like to transfer my files from my computer to an external SD card but, even I choose MTP configuration when I put the phone with USB, Android File Transfer displays no information about my files, as if it was empty (usually it reads both internal and external cards).
Do you know what I can do ?

Thanks !

Just to get you right: You do get to see folders, but they are empty?

No, I don’t see any folder in the software app

Hmm … you can still try this:

Go to Settings > Apps > (touch the 3 point in the up-right corner) Show System processes (or something like that, I translate from french) > Media Storage > Storage* > Clear DATA.

Source: USB file access (MTP) not longer working after upgrade

Android File transfer displays the internal storage but not the external SD card and the fairphone dosen’t see it anymore :confused:

I really don’t understand because it’s like working randomly by rebooting and transferring again and again

When you set up your phone, you were asked how to deal with the SD card.
Android from version 6 on offers two possibilities:

  1. Incorporate it into internal storage, which would make it invisible to any outside software.
  2. Leave it as external storage, leaving it visible to the outside and exchangeable.

If you chose option 1, you don’t have a problem, but the intended behaviour.
If you chose option 2, you have a problem … perhaps try this …

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Thanks AnotherElk, I think it helped Android File Transfer which was empty even with MTP.

It finally worked, also after doing all of theese :

  • Eject and Reset SD card as external storage (even if it have been before)

  • Put data in the SD card from mac without phone, with a card reader device

  • Reboot the phone

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