🇫🇷 🇬🇧 Black Screen after install Fairphone OS

2 presentation of my probleme : Eng - French (if it is possible i prefer french respond)
after a attempt to install My FP2 bugged.

In datail ( I follow this) :
My first attempt is in my Debian (9) was not conclued.

My second attemsp is in my dad iOS, it Run. but :
After the first install my phons was blocked in start step. Say my ‘updat for Android’ befor 30mn…
I restart my phone and after he bock in chargement screen.

For debug i hav follow this in my debian.

After the restart, the screen kept black.

I have no new ideas.

Fr :
Apres l’install de FairPhone OS, mon tel PF2 bug.
Dans le détail (sachant que j’ai suivis le tuto dans le liens 1) :
Dans un premier temps j’ai tenter de l’installer via ma debian (9). Cela n’a pas marché (le screept étant bloquer).

Je suis donc passé sur un iOS, et le script a fonctionner.
Sauf que au redémarage apres le protocle de démarage est rester bloquer 30mn sur ‘Android se mait a jour’.

J’ai redemarer le tel.

J’ai ensuite suivis le tuto dans le liens 2 depuis ma debian.
Cela a fonctioner sauf que au redémarge l’écrant ne s’allume plus.

Avez vous des pistes ?

When you tried to switch from Fairphone OS to Fairphone Open OS did you use the right file?
OTA Build switcher fp2-sibon-17.11.2-ota_from_gms-userdebug.zip

The going back guide links to quite an old FP OS version (It’s not even Android 6 yet). You probably have an FP2 with a new screen which needs an updated OS, so you’ll have to update the OS manually (works even with a black screen).

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In the first step forme android to fairphon OS i have us :

Ok, thenks. can you tell me how? (where are the tutorials ?)

Thenks for your speed.

Sorry I haven’t see the link. thenks.

Well that’s the wrong file unless you already run an older version of Open OS.
If you want to try again use the OTA switcher.

for information, I follow your device (in my debian 9):

I use ‘[Binary image] Fairphone OS 17.12.1 (Android 6.0)’.
But my terminal as freeze in

It is normal?

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