FP5 SIM card not working

Hello there,

My SIM card is not working after the latest update A.157. If I reset the phone, it recognizes the card and it works, but after a couple of hours it gets turned off and there’s no way to activate it. Anyone facing the same issue?

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I’ve had a similar issue with a simcard last year. I solved it by getting a new sim card (they don’t have the eternal life).
You could also get an e-sim instead if your provider supports them.


Thanks for the reply. I doubt it is a problem with the SIM card as it happened with the latest software update… But I’ll try doing that, you never know!

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Hi @pmcmm , I am experiencing the same issue since a few weeks, and unfortunately it has not improved since the last software update (which I secretly hoped for). It now happens several times a day. My FP5 usually recognizes the SIM again after restarting (but not always, I occasionally have to remove and replace the SIM).


Hi everyone
Received my FP5 yesterday, updated to

and had the SIM sporadically not recognized issue.
A restart makes the SIM detected again for a few minutes then it is not .
Jad to physically remove and reinsert it to make it work again.

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I reinserted the SIM card and so far it has fixed the issue, like @Sevan said. I can’t believe it’s that easy. In any case, this shows that it’s not a problem with the SIM card but a software problem, otherwise it wouldn’t consistently work after reboot.

@Smie your problem is longer than the latest update? That’s strange, I was linking it to the latest update since it’s when it started, but if you say so it might be just a coincidence.

Happened again

Worst aspect is that it looks like a temporary network issue until you notice that it is the SIM that is not detected.

Works for now after a reboot

Definitively looks like a software issue

The fact that reinserting solved it, would in my eyes indeed not point to software and rather to a connection issue and it can still be the SIM card .

Overall, a SIM not detected at all would show a message? If e.g. an exclamation mark is seen thats pointing to no mobile data found…

So what actually is it what you all see when it happens? Thats not completely clear to me. Warning that no SIM is inserted? Just no reception at all and/or an exclamation mark for no internet?

And if software/update relatwd it might be connected to a specific provider else we would see a lot more reports.

So whats your provider? Is 5G enabled and included in your contract? Did you try to disable 5G? Are you moving when it happens?

Is it the same as described here?

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Can’t tell if it is linked to the version as I just got my fp5
Issue is that suddenly the SIM is not detected anymore:
Parameters show that “no SIM is inserted”, there is no more cellular radio indication.
Personnally in 4G, not moving, no vibrations, just having the phone in hand.

Reboot only temporarily solves the issues (a couple of hours)
Removing battery and SIM then reinserting both and switching on seems to solve it for a longer period of time (4 or 5 days) but issue still happened after

Very disappointing as it makes the phone unusuable for its first function: cellular calls, sms and data.

So the FP5 is new? How old is the SIM card? Did you contact support?

For sure, when you insert sim, press it deep until hear “click” (similar as pen/ballpoint)?

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Sure, until the click which locks the SIM

SIM is about 4 year old
I have not contacted support yet

So I would suggest to get a new SIM, thats a bit old and can cause problems


As suggested here FP5 SIM card not working - #2 by Dryhte , SIM cards don’t have the eternal life.

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In my case, it was strangely solved by reinserting the SIM card and restarting the phone. Perhaps it wasn’t a software issue at all, considering the fix…
The symptoms was the symbol for the network to completely disappear, which again points to software issue. It was like I didn’t have any card inserted at all, whereas with the card inserted you can see the network triangle or, in the worst case, see the empty triangle showing no network. In my case there was simply no triangle, it just disappeared.

I understand that trying a new SIM can improve things.

Now, this is the SIM I used in my previous phone (OnePlus 5T) with no problem at all.
I will see if my operator can get me a new SIM or an eSIM.

However, I have memories of “please adapt to yout FP because it’s a bit special” with my FP2 and these are note the good memories I kept from it…

I returned to FP because I had to change my phone and because I remain a supporter of the whole FP initiative but I would be disappointed to restart making adjustments or changing elements that worked with other phones.

Will keep you posted, thank you for the help

Yes, it has happened before that a SIM card will work in another branded phone and not in a Fairphone. A new SIM card solves the problem in almost all cases.

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But a new SIM card is charged 20€ unless it has a defect.
Hard to ‘prove’ that it is the SIM that is faulty when it works with other phones.

Contact your provider else you will never know if they agree the symptoms show a faulty SIM. When I was facing issues, although it worked perfectly fine in another device I got a new one without any discussion. Else contact FP support before, they will most likely tell you the same, its just more official

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