FP5 Power Button doesn't work properly


I have a small “problem” with my Fairphone 5:

The power button (switch display on/off) can only be pressed well in the middle. If I press too far up or down, it works very unreliably (display does not react). The “pressure point” is noticeable everywhere. So I have to hit the middle pretty precisely, which is not always easy, to turn the display on or off.

That can’t be normal, can it?

Before I contact the support, I wanted to ask how it looks like for the other Fairphone 5 owners: Can you press the power button equally well everywhere? So does it work relatively far up and down as well as in the middle?

If yes, I probably have a hardware defect.

Thanks for your answers!

Hi and welcome, I think normally I press in the middle so just checked 2-3 times on the edges now and could not notice any issue although it doesnt feel “natural” to not press is in middle

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I’ve got no problems pressing the button towards the edges. It’s reactive wherever I press

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Works fine here in all positions.

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Yep, works fine anywhere. Of course it feels best in the middle.

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