FP5 Issues with PS remote Play App and Google Photos

I can’t use the PS Remote Play App. I never get to the window where I have to put in my email and password. I always get an Error Message to try again later after pressing the Sign in to PSN Button.

Also in Google Photos, I can’t add pictures to my locked folder. Similar Error Message to try again later.

That are the bugs I encounterd so far.

Hi and welcomt to the forum.

I opened a topic for you, to not mix too many issues in one single topic.

Could you please explain this a bit more? What is a locked folder and how do you try to add pictures to it? Do you use a SD card?

Locked folder ist a feature to hide photos in your gallery: Hide your sensitive photos & videos - Android - Google Photos Help

The photos i want to put in there are not on my SD.
I’m curious if anyone can reproduce the bug.

so are the permissions needed to put things in a locked folder set? I dont use this feature, so dont know what is needed, and assume something is missing? So you use a second Gallery beside Google Photos and which one?

Yeah I’ve given all permissions. No second gallery.
I’m using this feature for over a year with my last phone. But with my change to Fairphone I only can remove pictures from the folder, not add them. I also can’t add photos I removed from that folder.

So what was your last phone, and is this permission somehow connected to it? So can you unlock the folder on the old device and re-lock on the Fairphone? Or try to create a second new locked folder on the FP and see if this works? I somehow doubt that this is a FP issue and rather a general issue.

My last phone was a Samsung A22. I tried it on my old phone and it works as intended. You can’t copy that folder to another device, only If you transfer data on the initial setup of the phone.

A friend of mine could reproduce the Google Photo issue in his fairphone 5 too.
But not the PS Remote Play, so thats a personal problem.

So I would advise to contact Fairphone Support contactsupport and explain the issue and steps on how to reproduce

Okay, thanks for your help.

So after some more testing i have a workaround and a solution:
The PS App blocks logging into the PS Remote Play App. Deinstalling the PS App allows the Button to work. Reinstalling the PS App after logging into the PS Remote Play App let both apps work.
Google Photo ist fixable after a factory reset. Not a great solution, but better than nothing.

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