FP5 dual sim ringtones


Is it possible to set different ringtones for the different sims in the fairphone 5.
I found some old posts saying that it isn’t possible in earlier models.
Thank you.

As far as I see on my phone it is not possible. Perhaps there is an app that makes this possible.

Thank you for your reply.
There is an app, it’s called dualsimringer, but it works badly (always mixing up the sim cards).
I guess I’ll have to keep looking elsewhere for a new phone.

How do we make this a feature request?
On my previous phone it was possible to set different ringtones for each sim.
Great to hear if you are being called on private sim or on work sim

My previous phone, a Samsung S10e Dual SIM, had the facility for a different ringtone for each SIM. The FP5 does not.

I have been searching within and outside this Forum. It seems that Android has had the capability since 2017 and possibly earlier. There are also posts within this forum lamenting the absence of the facility on FP3 and FP4 (going back several years at least).

It seems a very basic thing to have on a dual SIM phone, without having to install a third party app to do it. It’s one of a few things about the FP5 which are making me question my choice of buying one. A related one is the lack of Dual Messenger option (where, for example, there are two instances of WhatsApp on one phone, so that each can be used with the phone number form each of the two SIMs - not available on FP5). Another is the camera not working out of the box, about which there are threads on this forum.

I moved your post here as this ssem to be your main concern.

Else kindly follow-up in existimg topics.

For WA thats quite easy to solve, just use WA plus WA Business or follow-up here