Android User Profiles - is there another way?

Hi all!
Is there another smart way to use different profiles / users than Android User Profiles?

I recently switched from Samsung to the Fairphone 5. With Knox, Samsung offers the opportunity to create a secure container within the existing environment. So far I have only found the way to create another user on Android and, for example, configure the apps for the second SIM (WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.)
The biggest disadvantage I see is that I don’t receive any notifications for “User1” when “User2” is currently activated. So I have to switch between users regularly to check messages. Is there a better way?

Shelter works perfectly for this for me!


Cool. It looks promising - I’ll give it a try.


This sounds super promising to me. Please tell us more about your workflow once you have resolved your issue with User profiles.

This app is awesome! It took me a few minutes to understand but then it’s really fun to use. I haven’t been able to try out some features yet (fake camera, for example) but I’m sure that it works sensibly too. I’m happy with this. Thanks @ostyn for the recommendation.

I managed to create two completely isolated environments with just a few simple steps. You can either install apps the traditional way (F-Droid, Play Store, APK …) or - if the app is already installed in your profile - you simply clone it into the work profile. Along the way, I separated address books, calendars and mail clients as well as messengers (Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal) from each other and was also able to restrict their access to contact data.

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