FP5 Coming with IodeOS

One of the best, if not the best custom ROM, from the beginning on FP5 :+1:


Nice. So is this a cooperation on the same level as with /e/os with full support and everything, or is this handled differently? Also does the bootloader come locked or unlocked with the phones ordered via iodé?


No, why should it

If possible, then yes

The only difference: iodeOS is the better choice


Let’s just hope Fairphone actually implemented the bootloader right this time.
Third time’s the charm they say!


Would you mind outlining the reasons why you deem iodéOS superior to other operating systems for the Fairphone? Just curious. :slight_smile:

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/e/OS is repeatedly negligent to their customers and users alike, anything is better than it, iode included.
/e/ still has not updated the system webview since December of 2022: https://divestos.org/misc/e.txt

However iode has its own issues, namely repeatedly violating licenses of the blocklists it uses and is now even selling them as a subscription service now.
You can’t just take someones work which they license as “non-commercial use” and then sell it…

I don’t understand why users let these companies repeatedly abuse them and stick their head in the sand about serious issues and continue promoting them.


I agree, from all the available options iodé for me was the sketchiest. Licensing issue, proprietary parts, their continuing efforts to monetize their users. Not for me. But it’s great to have options and if ppl like it, good for them.

I’m waiting for CalyxOS support for the fp5.

Is DivestOS planned for the FP5 too?

DivestOS will be available for FP5 when it is supported by LineageOS, as I do not do device specific porting work.


Rein von den Downloads ausgehend hat iodéOS mittlerweile eine schöne Fairphone Community:
Nur die neusten 4.0er Versionen. Die alten 3er und 2er hab ich gar nicht einbezogen.

Und dran denken. Mitte Oktober erscheint iodéOS für das FP5

steht es schon fix das Release-Datum?

Ich kann nur wiedergeben was das iodé Team voraussagt :wink:

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Der link zur iodé-Ankündigung scheint tot zu sein. Weiß jemand ob / wo der Stand der Entwicklung verfolgt werden kann? Habe ein FP5 nun hier rumliegen, kann es aber nicht nutzen, da ich ungern das google stock rom nehmen möchte. Für /e/os scheint es ja jetzt ein erstes build zu geben, bin aber eher iodé oder calyx zugeneigt.

Its still there

I guess you will receive the information when the first beta build is available in the matrix group first

Or you watch


shipping moved to end-november (moved 3 or 4 times) and still no update to iodé on FP5 :frowning:


Such happens…

@yvmuell yes FP5, was an typo :slight_smile:

Hi, any news about the free version of iodéOS for FP5?


don’t know yet, but i asked the dev…

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Don’t know really yet, but I think it is the second custom ROM after /e/OS


iodéOS has an intsaller now :+1:

New iodéOS installer!

For FP3, FP4 and FP5