FP5 and problem with Nintendo

I agree it’s buggy for some apps. I tried running Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, Pikmin Bloom, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and Luma Fusion Video Editor. The games require signing in to Nintendo. For some reason I can’t log in resulting it crashing and giving me a account linking error. The video editor just crashes when saving a video. This was the same on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. So I don’t think it’s related. All other apps are fine but the occasional freeze that requires restarting any app. It’s noticeable when browsing files on the SD Card. Otherwise it’s stable. That’s my experience with it so far. I only had it two days just to get it set up.

Works fine here, I use Firefox to login. It’s probably best to create a topic about this issue.

Yes I realize that. Please note it’s stable, but some apps keep crashing was the comment. I think an app update would fix it. That does tend to be the case with a new release like new phones have new firmware. This was meant to be a comment post and nothing more. Sorry to bother you with this reply.

Your comment made me wonder what could make it crash. Different browser, plugins, custom stuff? Because if it works fine on my device, then there is a good chance it has nothing to do with Fairphone.

I don’t think so. I have FP4 runs the games just fine. So does the iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, & FP4. I just thought the devolper might be able to patch the app by sending crash report data. The only thing would be the occasional freeze When accessing the SD card. I did notice when signing into store apps like Amazon & Wal-Mart froze on first boot. Relaunching the apps worked on second attempt. Here is some snapshots of in game errors after crashing on FP5 PS. The video editor app I don’t think is related to this issue.

And what if you disable that VPN of yours and try again?

Doing that still crashes. VPN or no made no difference.

Odd. Only thing I can think of is to clear cache and data of the apps and try again. Also on another phone, to see if you can still do the full login process. Maybe it is account related (too many wrong passwords, maybe the VPN put you on a blacklist, or a corrupt session cookie). I think it’s more something along those lines. I just retried those Nintendo apps and I login just fine.

I’ve tried 5 times deleting the app and reinstalling it. No luck. I can call Nintendo costumer service tomorrow. I just don’t want to loose my save games by having them reset it. I got far in those games. Knowing Nintendo erases data when sending in a game console to be fixed. Having them reset it could loose all my hard work and purchases I made in the games. Boy do I hate to have hours of in game time lost. Especially all the gold passes and micro transactions I paid for in Mario kart tour. I just wish this was not the case. Thanks for trying to figure out the issue. It can’t be helped.

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Just an update. Nintendo had me inquire the error on Super Mario Run. Don’t use any other browser except for chrome for signing into those games. Not even a chromium based browser like brave. Apparently the links don’t work anymore due to chrome update breaking the account links. I just thought I’d update you on the issue and you can forward this message if you come across this issue. The issue of the four games is resolved now. Thanks for trying to fix this issue.


Still works fine here on Firefox. But good to know that if there are issues, Chrome needs to be used. Which is totally not a solution, but that’s the Nintendo way of dealing with the open web I suppose :slight_smile:


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