FP4's Power button becomes unresponsive on Sundays

Okay, this is the weirdest thing. Literally, like clockwork, my power button becomes unresponsive and non-functioning on Sundays. I know this sounds super weird, but literally only on Sundays have this happened. This Sunday, Today, last Sunday and the Sunday before the power button simply stops responding to input and doesn’t wake the screen and it becomes more responsive as the day go by and then the next Sunday, it stops responding again.

Does anyone have any similar issue to this? I’m completely baffled by why this happens.

I have the bootloader unlocked as I messed about with my ROMs and didn’t catch to lock it before re-installing the stock ROM.

I wonder if you are using Network time or you set it manually.

You could try

  • Setting manually if it uses the network
  • Changing the start of the week, especially if it’s a Sunday

Sounds like programmed downtime. There are actually apps for this. Are you sure you didn’t install Lock Me Out or some other digital wellbeing thing? Or this could be due to MDM if it’s a company phone.

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It’s not a company phone, it’s my private phone. I do have digital wellbeing on but only for turning the screen black and white during the evenings. I don’t think there’s an app installed for it, I sure didn’t install one. It seems more like a glitch than anything else because the power button sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. Seems really glitchy, and when I try to press it harder or softer it works sometimes but sometimes it registers a double press or several press activating the emergency mode which is a bit worrying.

I can’t seems to find the option to set the time automatically. I’ve tried changing the date to the 24th and going to try and keep it like that throughout the day to see if it’s something with that. Maybe it’s just weirdly happening on Sundays out of meere chance.

But only on Sundays?

Yes! That’s the weirdest part, it’s driving me insane. I’m hoping it’s by pure chance that it’s a Sunday thing but it’s the only thing I have to go on right now. I’m thinking of trying a reinstall and locking the bootloader as well when I have the chance to.

I’m using A11 on the FP3
Settings > System > Date and Time > Use network provided time (I have this disabled)
Which means if I remove the battery I have to reset the time manually, I don’t want to be checking the network to keep the phone synced with . . .

Have you tried a Safe Mode start ?

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Booted into safemode and it still happens. This means two things.

  1. It’s a hardware error for sure
  2. It’s been the craziest thing that it happens specifically on Sundays.

At least it narrows it down. Since the powerbutton isn’t a part I can buy new or change out myself I probably need to send it in for service sadly. Unless I can try and clean the button myself with some isopropyl alcohol and swabs. But I’m unsure how easy that is.

I can’t see the power button having an AI that wants to rest on a Sunday.

I would suggest you do not try to clean it. Please contact support@fairphone.com before you do any intrusive DIY

As @amoun said, the power button is a hardware switch and definitely not aware what weekday it is! Something knowing which day it is must be logic (software).

Unless, of course, there is something special about your Sundays, like you spend them lying on a slab of ice, or in a sauna… Some exceptional environment which could influence hardware.


Yes, I considered that, too. Only Zelaf can tell us that …!

I agree theoretically Safe Mode should rule out any apps you’ve installed. But it’s not quite the same as a factory reset: other software variables remain. So in my opinion SM cannot absolutely guarantee that the problem is HW related. Anyway, as has already been observed, we have this strange dominical problem…

Could be the drinking the night before. Who knows what I do then.


Alright so last Sunday evening the issue was still ongoing but midday on Monday it was pretty much resolved again. I’ve taken the time today to relock the bootloader and reinstall the phone. So if it’s like usual, I’ll post an update on the next damn Sunday!

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And don’t let your phone watch Greek films anymore! :laughing:

Are you at the same location on Sundays than during the week ?
Are some electric/electronics equipment turned ON on Sundays but OFF during the week ?

No, I use most of my electronics every day.

Alright, so I took out the back cover yesterday evening just to check if there’s anything I should clean since I’ve been cleaning my top speaker grill too. When I put the back cover on I noticed that the power button isn’t working again. Not even a little bit, not even if I hard press it or soft press it. Funny thing it didn’t happen on a Sunday! But it started working again after I knocked it about a few times in my palm. There must be something that has gotten loose in the power button mechanism.

Best to contact support officially before you dig into a DIY as that may avoid any warranty.

Yep, I will do that!