FP4 - worth purchasing? (asks a burnt FP2 user)

Are people happy with their FP4 and feel it will work well for the duration of the 5 years (assuming some repairs?)

The reason I ask is that my FP2 was pretty buggy-- two died and were replaced, and the third was pretty buggy, even after various repairs.

I bought a secondhand Samsung, but the screen is going and I’ve only had it two years. If that’s the duration to be expected, maybe I should just buy a new Fairphone?

Thoughts very welcome!

You may want to read similar topics that have a lot of opinions.

Sure it a bit laborious to read but then having another topic is onerous for those that reply maybe and more labour for those that do look for answers rather than ask the same question yet again.

Check out the following list whilst you wait for some positive and negative vies and experience.

All the best


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not happy with the system on it due to the annoying google involvement
lots of messages when disabling play services!
very happy with the phone itself
now have ubuntu touch on it but no sound and some other flaws
desperately in need of a working system that somewhat more gives me the idea that it is my phone and not the system’s

Are you trying to disable the Google Play Service app entirely and yet still use some of the embedded service?

I can see 13 major services many of which I don’t use, so overall it’s not a problem, I have no Google account so many just don’t apply. I don’t regularly use location, only when at home to temporarily connect to a device and I don’t require a mobile network or Wi-Fi or GPS to use location. In my case it uses bluetooth.

etc. etc.

I’m very happy with my FP4 (running CalyxOS) and I know that my family member is happy with a stock FP4.

But, there are bugs, quite a few, and from what I’ve witnessed over the last 1.5 years I’m not very confident that they are getting resolved soon. I’m thankfully not affected by most of them, or there are workarounds I can use, but if you want a phone you don’t have to fiddle with and that just works™, this aint it.

I’m still confident that those two FP4s will make it to 5 years and beyond, but at the moment I wouldn’t buy one. 5 years from today is a lot harder than 5 years from when I bought them in 2021.
If you can manage to keep your current device going, I’d try to make it to the FP5 if I were you.


have installed ubuntu touch and see no sign of google apps and annoying stuff so that would be okay
but have no sound on it and a few other flaws that ! have to figure out

have a great day anyway


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/e/ OS is one option therefore. Afaict everything works there.
With one of the latest version updates it’s now also possible to get a (G**gle) account registered if one feels the need for something contradictive like this.