FP4 - very privacy-friendly custom ROM iodéOS

are you @Scratch****** ?

Yes sir, the noob himself (lol)

Your participation is needed! What are you missing in iodéOS? What don’t you like? Just post your ideas there and/or poll. :slightly_smiling_face:

recycling week at iodé
This week 70 € discount for an iodé-FP3+ or iodé-FP4:

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Finally, you can donate to iodé in a privacy-friendly way via bank transfer! :slightly_smiling_face:


Kudos to iodè for completing the review very well.


Is iode planning new smartphones with military IP in terms of resistance?

I guess you will not get an answer here and rather in the Iode forum

I want to change to iodé, since LineageOS is apparently not ad privacy-friendly as I thought for the past 4 years.
Since iodé is based on LOS, I assume that all of the customisatiom the latter provides is still there? One feature that I really don’t want to miss are the arrows at the bottom while typing. Could someone check if that is available? (Settings > System > Keys > Display arrows when typing)

In latest beta iode-4.2-23230423-FP4 this setting is available. So probably it should be available in stable version also.


Stable 4.1 on my FP3 has this setting as well

No, they don’t

No, it isn’t

Hi @Stanzi,

I just want to confirm the arrow keys with screenshots:
I am currently at iodéOS 4.1 (latest stable)

Here is the Settings page

And the results are working arrow keys

I can recommend iodéOS. I have been using it for quite some time and my experience has been consistently positive.

Have a great day!

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Does someone know what’s happening with the iode project? There is no update since march. Do we need to worry?

No dont worry they are alive and working on updates and betas are provided.

iodéOS 4.3 was released 2 weeks ago (French link used here)

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Seems fairphoner loves iodeOS :slight_smile:
It’s only v4, android 13

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