FP4 - usb-c sd card reader

When I connect an usb-C-card reader with SD-card, i can see the drivename in the FP4 file app or a donwloaded app. I then have 3 drives: FP4, internal SD-card and the SD-card in the usb-C-card reader.
When i try to acces the SD-card in the usb-C-card reader, the phone asks me for special privileges to acces the drive. I get a menu to grant the priviliges, but i can’t grant the privileges to the external SD-card. It always jumps to the internal SD-card, where it cannot apply these privileges.

Any work around (preferably without rooting the phone)?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I only have an FP3 but it works fine.

Have you tried a clean or alternate SD card as maybe there is a format disparity.

By the way, you say you have an internal SD card, but is it formatted as internal or portable. Formatting as internal is reported to provide many problems.

so just to be clear: you attach an external SD card reader via USB-C to the FP4 you dont use the SD card slot in the FP4 itself?

Sounds like a bug. I advise you to #contactsupport . It’s a fairly rare use case, since most people just either use an internal SD card and / or some connected system (PC, Mac, Cloud …)

Tip. If you’re looking to easily share files between devices, an elegant way is through the cloud. There are solutions other than GAFAM though of course any data that’s not physically stored on your own devices is going to be at risk to some extent. But SDs come with their own risks too; they get lost, deteriorate, get formatted by accident, … so they need to be backed up.
Cloud storage is “seen” as just another drive in Android so it’s very easy and intuitive to use.

I use the internal sd-card slot of FP4, but i want to connect, via an USB-C card reader, the SD-card of my Sony camera. FP4 sees this SD-card, but wants to change the privilages/rights to show the files. But i cannot grant these privileges/rights to this drive. I can only grant the privileges tot the FP4 memory and internal SD-card. I tried with other file-apps, but always the same issue.

Thank you, I wil try it with format as external SD-card, though i don’t now if my camera will accept it then.

He was not talking about the card in the card reader.

Addition: The SD-card in the external USB-C card reader is the SD-Card of my SONY camera, with the intention of browsing the pictures on that SD-card.

How about USB instead? You might be able to connect the camera to the phone?

Any SD card that the camera already accepts will be seen by Android as “Portable” or “External / Removable”, even if it’s in the internal SD card slot. When Amoun spoke of “Internal” he was meaning that Android can use a SD card physically installed in the internal slot, as an extension of internal memory, which is known to cause many problems and anyway the camera wouldn’t be able to read it.