FP4 -unable to lock screen in landscape orientation

I am new to Fair phone. Overall the FP4 seems to work ok.
I want to use mapping as a satnav when cycling so want to lock the screen in landscape view. With the phone in landscape view if I turn off auto rotate, the display reverts to portrait!

I have seen previous posts about auto rotate not working and others about it being too sensitive, but not about this issue.

Do you have the phone fixed to the bike. I’m just thinking if it is then why would it not stay in landscape. If you are holding it then again I don’t see the problem you may be having.

But yes it’s feature I haven’t found

Have you tried the following:

  • turn auto-rotate off
  • turn the phone to portrait position
  • a small icon (rectangular) should appear (I think at bottom right)
  • tap on the icon. The screen should rotate to landscape and be fixed in that orientation
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Is it different on the FP4? :: On my FP3: A11 it’s

  • turning auto-rotate off you get portrait mode
  • rotate the phone to landscape mode
  • a small icon will appear
    • top right if using 3 button navigation
    • bottom right if using gesture navigation
  • tap the icon and landscape will be activated and locked until the screen goes off
  • Whichever orientation you use then, when you rotate the phone the icon will appear so you can change to the new orientation.


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That does not work, when you lock and unlock the screen its back to portrait mode.

Thats btw the same on may FP3 with Iode.

As mentioned in the post above :slight_smile:

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Excellent :slightly_smiling_face:. Thank you @Volker for your prompt response. What you described works for me.
It seems to be application specific.