FP4: The specs and your opinions

That’s interesting. So if a webcam cover would cover the screen a bit, you could just slide the notification bar down. :thinking:

Yes webcam cover covering the side would work. However, disabling a notch on an OLED creates a nice black background. On an LCD, not so much, and it also costs power to power those parts of screen (the whole time, black, costing the most power). Its an OLED-only feature IMO.


That´s difficult. Then I’ll have to see how I do it. A webcam cover is mandatory for me. Then this point has unfortunately worsened at the FP4. It simply lacks the kill switches (GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, Microphone, cameras) …

Maybe I can stick it on at an angle…

The FP4 is really more powerful that the FP3+ (that I buy in april 2021) in performance, battery, network (5G instead of 4G), storage (256/512GB instead og 64GB). The lack of audio jack is not a problem: you have now a lot of hearphones with USB-C and adapter jack-USB-C for your old hearphones. But of course I will keep my recently purchased FP3+.

Worsened? not from the FP3 surely ?

The FP3 does not have a display to the right of the camera. Therefore, there is room for a webcam cover.

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Maybe my solution for the FP3 will work for those desperate and daring enough to buy the FP4

This is a multi device module and can be used to hold my trousers up amongst many other applications.

Mostly wood that I can replace from the nearest hedge and there are even older (more sustainable and fair) versions that don’t even use a metal spring.


Here is the more recent version of the old idea, note how many there are in a packet, very cheep, though I don’t know where they are made, maybe Sweden ~ Oh that’s OK then.

Now I have birthday and Xmas present for all ‘my’ privacy worried friends


OH! They can be modified to fit different thickness of phones. (6mm to 11mm)

Putting permanent pressure on a lens, not recommended.

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No worry don’t you see? The pressure is on the gorilla and they are really tough

Tough against scratches, yes, but I am not sure about permanent pressure.

Here’s the solution I am using.

You can reuse them, and also apply different colors on different phone (home, work, colleague’s work phone, etc). Haven’t had trouble with glue remaining on lens but its a valid concern. Could combine it with a regular clean of the screen perhaps? I think it works great if you don’t want to use the camera occasionally instead of regularly.


Very pretty but not so multifunctional :slight_smile:
Maybe some blue tack, which has multiple uses, but probably won’t work on my trousers :frowning:

I don’t use them for prettiness (could care less about which color); I use them because they’re readily available at an office :smiley:

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Storage is 128 or 256 GB.


Forcing users to buy another gadget only because the new thingy is not compatible with their existing ones always causes more waste, duplicates, adaptors circulating, getting lost, damaged, re-re-purchased and so forth. It’s a well known process in the industry.


You can make a headphone jack watertight, you know.
Neither I nor anyone in my family ever damaged his or her phone via water entering the headphone jack, and I don’t know of any colleagues of mine having had such an incident, too. It’s the classic: “Let’s force this change to all users because of a one-in-a-million possible case!”

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It’s not a matter of cost, CapuaS did not speak of money.
It’s a matter of convenience, backward compatibility, of sticking to your (former) ethical principles, of reducing waste by reducing the need to buy duplicate items (jack heaphones AND BT headphones) or adaptors.
It’s not difficult to understand.
But you can only see that it costs only 10€ buying an adaptor. :frowning:

  • For me, the headphone jack is the statement that FP lost now.
  • I actually hoped that some of the modules could be interchangeable between 3 and 4.
  • Hoped it would be smaller than FP3. Really surprised it became even thicker.
  • Will need to see how actually performs. I am disappointed with FP3 camera startup time, switching between personal and work profiles, and general performance.

And it’s not so difficult to understand, that a lot of people don’t need the jack. So not everyone has to buy an adapter, which makes it more sustainable to not build it into every phone.
But anyway, whether you or I like it or not, it’s a fact now, and we have to deal with it.


Its now too expensive and too high storages/ram. Fairphones goal was to sell to the normal people with a phone good enough for daily usage and this is way more then that. The 256 GB is way more then daily usage. I use now a phone with 32GB and 64GB could help. 256gb is way too overpiced and the phone too. Also loosing the 3.5mm jack is dissapointing, true too for radio. Now it is too much like other brands. I hoped the price could go down for the FP from 450 to lower and not higher. I dont like the changes. The 5 years warranty is awesome by the way

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I’m not sure what you mean by daily usage, this is long term memory for 5 years or more.

64GB is more than enough for ‘now’ with the OS using 14GB, but some people may want take a live video and the best option for that is internal memory not an SD card so 128 or 256 would suit the more up and coming media lovers.

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