FP4, security update, december 5 2021, called FP3Q.A.094 though

Yeah… I’m glad I made my orange adress my official spam/dodgy websites accounts receiver a long time ago…

I trust you didn’t receive the update either ? (If you own a fp4)

I think there’s something wrong with my device: I followed the guide to microG replacement of Google native service.
After reboot the update was proposed to me through notification.

However, since I had trouble with maps not working anymore, I uninstalled nanodroid and reverted to regular Google service. After reboot, the update notification was gone and system update module did not want to find it anymore.

Edit: so I did a factory reset and update was available at first boot. I don’t know what I messed with my device but it appears I was not likely to receive the update the usual way

Just realized that this update allows unlocking the phone with fingerprint without pressing the button.


Yes, this has been discussed in another thread

Thanks for bringing it up here where it belongs.


I still cannot see the update in my FP4. Is there any way to install it manually?
I have installed the F-Droid store and a few Apps via this store. Does this prevent me from getting updates?
Thank you for your ideas and comments.

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Still no update :face_with_raised_eyebrow: here. What would you suggest to do? Waiting longer? Asking support?

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No, I can’t imagine that. I think it depends on your mobile provider.

Yes, that’s what I’d recommend.


Deactivated all google trash. Use only f-droid.
And received update directly on first day.


Here is still nothing going on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Seems the same like the last update (A.091) for Medionmobile users to take 1 month.
So until january 21.
Let’s see if my fp4 still gets it or the G-free versions are faster.

PS: 1 month, … totally unacceptable,… we have 2022, 5G network and the gui is also no longer chiseled in slate :thinking:
Or do i have to wait until the doorbell rings and someone is at the door with a disk or cd? :joy:
That will be nice :nerd_face:

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT :open_mouth: thanks for pointing that out!

New user on the Sky Mobile network in the UK (an MVNO using the EE network) and as of today I’ve not received the latest December update


Just got the update after changing out my MedionMobile sim with an o2 one.

Is this normal? I think not. But what can you do?..

Update :raised_hands:

I think I need to buy a lottery ticket :rofl:


I still don’t have the update (Tele2 NL), but your play store is out of date (Feb 2021).

What playstore?

For what it’s worth, here’s an explanation of the support when I reached them about update not showing up. They seemed to point toward carrier responsability.
(It turns out it was my replacement of Google services with microG that stopped the update from coming for some reason…)

Note that support mistakenly mentionned fairphone 3/3+ when I specifically wrote about fp4 and the FP3Q.A update, but It think the logic is the same anyway.


For anyone really desperate to update (and not already on /e/), the update OTA from A.091 → A.094 recently turned up in a logcat by accident:

To be clear, I don’t suggest using it, there’s no guarantee that it works, but it might be useful for somebody.

If you plan to and have a unlocked bootloader

And post those hashes in that topic (before updating) :pray:
Or better yet, please dump the original recovery partitions beforehand, those would be great to help people that flashed TWRP by accident.

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Update has arrived, but after /e/ arrived and I had to do a reset.
Unfortunately the installation with /e/ did not work, no idea why not. :thinking:
I do not for the first time and the instructions are really foolproof.
Tomorrow I try with the laptop , which is clean and with Win7.

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