FP4 root and twrp

I bought my wife a FP 4. I’m quite impressed with it. I currently use a OnePlus 6. My main factor for choice was ease of rooting. Root access is mandatory for me. I am considering a FP for next. I need Magisk and preferably with twrp. Am I likely to be disappointed?

Magisk / root yes …

… fully functional TWRP no

You can follow up on both in their respective topic :slightly_smiling_face:


No, I don’t think so. Rooting is quite easy using the ideas from the threads above. I also had in mind I would need a TRWP on my device besides the mandatory admin permissions. So far I haven’t missed it to much with FPOS.
An other idea would be to install LinageOS 20 that comes with its own recovery. Something I have not yet tried myself.

Yes, I’ve been thinking of trying Lineage OS for some time. How easy is it to install on FP 4?

You can easily root ylur fp4 with magisk, anything else can brick your fp4

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