FP4, problem with physical SIM

Hi All,
I have a physical SIM and a eSIM setup on my FP4, and have some issues with the physical one.

  • The SIM gets unrecognized like if it is not present in the phone
  • In Menu → About, it says SIM1: unknown, State sim card: not available, BUT I have the IMEI of the SIM1 displayed (weird?normal?)
  • I tried to dial " *#*#2886#*#*" as found here: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405062185489-FP4-Identify-and-solve-SIM-card-issues
    the message I get from it is:
    “SIM car state unknown if changed FTM->ONLINE for the 2nd time SIM is not initialized”
  • A reboot of the phone put everything back in place

It looks to me that it didn’t happen before the last OS upgrade. Current version: Android 11, build version: FP4.FP40.A.142.20220628 (vendor FP OS)

Any idea?


Hi and welcome. you mean uknown in terms of no phone number displayed or is the SIM not working at all? If its just saying unknown instead of showing the phone number in the settings, this is standard behaviour, when you transferrred your number from one provider to another.
The IMEI is SIM slot related not SIM card related and belongs to the phone not the SIM card.

If the SIM is not working at all, how old is it and did you contact your network provider?

Hi, thanks.

After a reboot of the phone, the SIM works fine for a time (can’t say if it’s hours or days).
Then, after this time, the SIM is not recognized anymore, so no working at all.

The SIM might be a bit old indeed (more than 2years, can’t say more), but it feels like I didn’t have the problem before the last update (06/2022).

Ok thanks for the precision about the IMEI.

so in this case (I assume you already checked the SIM is properly inserted?) I would call the network provider, explain the issue and most likely you will get a new SIM card. The last update might be a coincidence. Is a new SIM does no help you would need to #contactsupport

Ok thanks.

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I got the same problem you describe; randomly, 3 times last week and 2 times yesterday.

Same as well, a reboot fix it.
Second time it happened I opened up the phone and cleaned the SIM metallic contacts with a paper tissue, but it didn’t prevent it to happens again…

Now that you make me think of it, it also happened only since update to A.142.
At the beginning I was suspecting the summer temperatures as a potential cause, here it’s really warm :sunglasses:


I have the same problem, where I need to restart my phone every time.
But can’t remember if it’s after the update or not

I did the same procedure when the issue occurs again, but I got a different message:

sim card is missing

Perhaps we have a different issue afterall?

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