FP4 not compatible with contactless payment, because not on emvco list

Hi !
I tried to use my fairphone 4 to do contactless payment, by registering a bank card on an app, (Lyf pay) but the app refuse it because the fairphone is not on the EMVCO list a devices compatible for contactless payment. (i tried VISA and Matercard cards)
I didn’t try Google Pay, but i read that they use the same EMVCO list.

Did someone manage to use fairphone 4 for contactless payment ? Can i hope the fairphone 4 will be added to this list one day ? or will it never be compatible ?

Bonjour !
J’ai voulu enregistrer ma CB sur mon Fairphone 4 pour faire du paiment sans contact, (avec l’application Lyf Pay) mais c’est refusé par l’application, car le fairphone n’est pas sur la liste EMVCO des téléphones compatibles avec le paiment sans contact. (j’ai essayé avec des cartes VISA et Mastercard)
Je n’ai pas essayé d’autre application (Google Pay) mais j’ai lu qu’elles se basent sur cette même liste.

Est-ce possible de faire du payment sans contact sur un Fairphone 4 ? Puis-je espérer qu’il soit rajouté sur le liste EMVCO prochainement ?


Have you told Fairphone Support about this? They definitely need to hear of this. Perhaps they can even tell you more about the state of things.


No i didn’t, so i just do it now, i will let you inform here of the answer.


Hello. I don’t really know what EMVCO list is and I’ve never heard of Lyf Pay, but Google Pay works fine on FP4. Apart from some NFC issues:

However, it is important that your bank supports the specific application, whether it’s Google Pay or Lyf Pay.


It worked fine with my Fairphone 4 using Google Pay with debit cards. No idea if the same holds for credit cards.

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I use Google Pay with a VISA credit card on FP4 without issues.


Thanks for yours feedbacks. So I could use Google Pay. Except that my french banks doesn’t support google pay. (i have 2 cards from 2 banks, none of them support google pay :frowning: )

Lyf Pay is the application advised by my bank. I still wait answer from fairphone support about emvco list.


Oh, bummer. I thought Google Pay is pretty much a standard by now. In that case, I guess it’s necessary to directly #contactsupport and discuss it with them.

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I get precise answer from the support.

Google Pay works well, but have a limit coverage in France. List of supported banks can be found here : France: Supported payment methods - Google Pay Help
There is almost none main French Bank in it.

And about add fairphone4 on emvco list, required for other apps, Fairphone team add it to their desired list, and are currently investing it. I hope they will manage to do it soon, but I have no idea how complex it is, and how many time it could take.


As a side note, the status is exactly the same w/ FP3.
Not EMVCo certified but Google Pay is working fine.
It’s just a pity that it implies that mobile payment is not possible on FP3 for most French banks customers.
Since the FP3 has been released for years now, I’m affraid it will never be certified.

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Same issue here, I cannot install “Paylib paiement sans contact” (Société Générale) nor use my Edenred card with Good Pay.

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Hi !

I do have this issue too with my Fairphone 3 and Crédit Mutuel in France

I just installed Android 11 but nothing changed unfortunately

As you said, it may never change and Fairphone 3 will never be certified

Hope we are wrong on this

Thanks for sharing !

Have a nice day :wink:

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Quick update!
I’ve just been able to enable contactless payment on LyfPay on my FP3 with my MasterCard issued by the French bank Credit Mutuel. (enabled but not yet tested though)
I got an update of LyfPay just before but I cannot tell if it’s related.


Hi !

Actually, it’s working quite well

I don’t really understand why but it does

Thank you !

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Thanks for the update, unfortunately on my FP4, it is still not working. (i got also the LyfPay app update). But if it has changed for the FP3, that give me hope that one day it could change also for the FP4…

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Contactless payment will never available on PF4.
I ask the compagny about that issue and that’s the answer :

"At the moment we are not in the process of getting an EMVCo certificate for the Fairphone 4. We looked into it and after careful consideration, made the difficult decision to put the project on hold.

The main reason is that as a relatively small company with limited resources, we have to carefully decide what features and projects to work on at any given moment"

To be fair, they’re kinda right, and I wouldn’t blame them. Just because some banks in one country have some weird requirement for contactless payments to work doesn’t mean that everyone will support it. Especially when Google Pay is a thing and the rest of Europe doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Larger smartphone companies can usually afford this since they have a dedicated department that handles these certifications. Why not instead try to pressure your bank to support Google Pay?


I agree, that’s right. But this specification is also required for some transportation system’s app’

I understand that FF must prioritize his projects, but but i am sorry to see the consequences : Google is having the monopoly on contactless payments. And once again, we are forced to use google’s application. (and even banks are forced to deal with google…)

I don’t know exactly what is emvco, so i may not be relevant, but it seems useful to have an independent organization that validate security of payment devices, that any payment app can rely on…

That’s not entirely true. The majority of terminals don’t actually care about the specific “technology”. They just need to be equipped with NFC and it works. Yeah, it’s usually specified that they support Google Pay and Apple Pay, but it also works with Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, Xiaomi Pay etc. Heck, even individual banks can have their own payment apps that just work. (For example Raiffeisenbank in Czechia has its own RaiPay).

The only real problem is that France came up with some meaningless list of supported phones for their precious payment app that requires additional certification. I don’t really understand their reasoning. Google just checks for Android version, some security features and that’s it. (Sure, I’m a bit oversimplifying now, but it’s not that hard to pass if you’re on the official ROM.) You pass, you can use Google Pay.