FP4: Google-free Android

Yep, wasn’t a problem. I used Magisk to install the zip

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You can use Aurora Store as an alternative client to the Play Store.
Does the additional stuff MinMicroG can install help with App compatibility in general, or is this just there to make the Play Store work?

It does allow you to use in-app purchases which won’t work with Aurora


Google Maps works fine even without microG nor OpenGapps.
I have microG installed on my Xiaomi for a year and a half and more than 95% of apps work.
And google maps works without any problems.

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You didn’t say what OS you are using though ?

On my Xiaomi I use Havococ (fork from lineageos) with minmicroG. But the OS doesnt matter for app compatibility, only if you are using microG and what version.
So /e/OS, Lineage4microG, etc all have the same app compatibility.

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Thanks for the hint!

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Anyone could confirm if app SecurID from RSA security will work on /e/ OS ?
Also, what about french Corona app “Anticovid”?
Any feedback would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Can’t say anything about SecurID but the covid app seems to be working

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…that’s how I did it as well - actually it is a quite nice system right now, with mainly apps from F-Droid :wink: The rest comin from Aurora oder via PC and apps.evozi.com :wink:

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BTW, in case you did not notice yet, the privacy-sensitive and easy to setup CustomROM CalyxOS will be supported:

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There are a number of topics on this, but the most recent points out a few gripes.



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