FP4: Google-free Android

No custom ROMs available until now for FP4

As long as LOS is the basis of all CR, you have to have a look at LOS Download site to see if they have start their support.

Just my 2 cents

Would those of you with more experience recommend LineageOS with microG or /e/ OS for Fairphone 4 (given that both might be available in a few months)?

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I am using /e/ on my FP2 and it works very good. Especially with integrated Nextcloud adn Dav⁵. I used LineageOS just for couple of days. I prefer /e/.
I would say test both and see which is more suitable for you :slight_smile:


Or test both like @kristijan_tkalec suggests and test iodé additionally once it becomes available. They are taking a similar approach like /e/ (microG etc.) plus their (unfortunately not open sourced yet) blocker. What they don’t have is a complete ecosystem like /e/ with it’s online-storage. But they have a much nicer UI than /e/, in my opinion.
It works very well on my FP3 and if I would change to an FP4 (mostly due to the better camera), I would definitely wait for iodé. But of course that is only my personal view, others have different ones.


Thanks for the answer and welcome. I don’t really understand though. Are Android version updates automatic on /e/ like they are on the Fairphone OS?

There are regular system updates (including Android security patches) offered for automatic installation on /e/OS, too.
/e/OS Developers are currently working on offering major Android updates (like from Android 11 to 12) through the same way, too. Though up to now you had to use a manual installation to perform these major upgrades.


I prefer Los4mg or iode
I don’t like /e/OS

Is there already Iodé for FP4?

And what’s wrong with sOS that you don’t like it?

No, there is no alternative OS available yet for FP4

I don’t like the politic of e.foundatiion. The Reglementations, their own App Store without transparancy, the Bliss launcher, the pre-installed Apps, their own forks of all default Apps, their nextcloud implementation, etc…
Too much negatives…

I’m still waiting for Los4mg and iode

I see. Well, as there is no Iodé for FP2, I use eOS and just removed most of the pre-installed apps, took the original apps like K9 etc., installed the Fairphone launcher 3, et voilà. I definitely need Android 10, because of the panorama function of OpenCamera that is not running properly on Android 9/FOOS.

I will use my new FP4 as a standalone camera etc until either eOS or Iodé will be available, just downloaded F-Droid, then deactivated Chrome - and didn’t register to gougle :-p


/e/ is trying to build a complete ecosystem just like Apple, where everything is “smooth and streamlined” for the average Jane who doesn’t care about customisation options. There is definitely a market for that, but I personally also prefer the customisability and extensability of LOS.


I am not @FairphoneHulk, so the question doesn’t go to me, but I’d like to share some things that I don’t like about/e/. Be aware, this is only my personal view.

  • For a long time there was no way to install the Corona Warn App, as the /e/-foundation refused to implement the necessary parts of microG (please correct me if I tell something wrong, but this is the way I remember it).

  • The forks of the standard Apps (OpenCamera, K9) were incredibly outdated: the camera crashed when taking HDR-pictures, K9 was unable to save attachments. The answer of the developers was something like “feel free to use the original apps instead of our baked-in ones”. What is the point of bundeling non-removable broken apps and tell users not to use them? (With iodé you can choose which system app you would like to have installed).

  • Many updates went wrong such that the phones didn’t start and some users lost data (including me). The quality control is (was?) catastrophic.

  • An update of the cloud services went wrong and they were offline for several days which is not funny if you have data there which you need. You could of course argument that you shouldn’t store necessary data there, but what is the point of a cloud storage if you can’t store important data and trust a good availability?

  • The non-open-source navigation app Magic Earth is bundled and can’t be uninstalled. Iodé ships it, too, but you can choose not to install it. Iodé in the other Hand has the blocker which is not open source, too and can’t be uninstalled.

  • Bugs like a heavy drain of the battery (like 6 hours standby with my FP3) were not resolved for several weeks.

In the beginning I supported the organization by purchasing a storage plan, but I realized that it doesn’t fulfill my needs. Others may have of course have a different view and experiences.


No, not a problem of microG. They are doing their job. But /e/ is not able to do the job right and implement/update to a actual microG version. In most of the cases they are lagging miles behind.

correct. And that’s the reason why i choose another nextcloud provider for just a few euros per month. Stock nextcloud and not another /e/ fork.

Of course that wasn’t microG’s fault. /e/ somehow wanted to split microG to make the corona tracing part installable separately.

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Which one did you choose?

Sorry, this is OT, I’ll stop here.

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/e/ have just announced that they’ll start the pre-order phase for the “Murena FP4” today.

That posting refers to an upcoming newsletter but that link is not - yet - valid.

Edit: on Twitter I saw that shipment is supposed to start January 11th, 2022.

I have to admit I don’t know how they handled the downloadable version for self-installing in the past. But in any case I assume it won’t be too far before or after this date.



:tada: We will be publishing the Murena Fairphone 4 for pre-order in Europe later today

As usual, soon . . . maybe . . . sometime . . . “pre order” seems 2-3 month :wink:

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What are you talking about? The pre-order is there and the shop page says “Ships from 10 January 2022”

For some reasons pre-ordering from France isn’t possible yet. I only saw the FP4 on the shop front page once I selected my location (Germany in this case).


You follow the link? Nice picture but nothing hapends :wink:
And in the “real” shop is nothing with FP4 :-1:

Edith say, to early :roll_eyes: