FP4 eSIM for Japan (Softbank network) and Korea (NT network)

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I succesffully tested an eSIM in Japan and Korea in June 2023 on an FP4 and wanted to share my experience so others can benefit from it!
I used the “Asia eSIM” from the provider Yoho Mobile (it is an eSIM that works in 21 countries in Asia, so perfect if you are visiting multiple countries) - (Asia eSIM Starting from 3.7/GB- YOHO MOBILE)
In Japan this eSIM connected to the provider “Softbank”
In Japan I had trouble connecting to “KDDI” (but this could have just been a temporary issue in the network itself)
In Korea this eSIM connected to the provider “KT”
So my assumption would be that one could also just get an eSIM from “Softbank” or “KT” directly - but i have not tried this, so it´s just a guess.
In general my advice would be to get an individual eSIM for every country instead of getting a “All Asia eSIM” like me. My experience was that it is really easy to switch an eSIM once you are changing a country (takes 3 min) and individual eSIMs seem to be cheaper that this package deal i had.
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