FP4 don't recognise my Micro-SD UHS-1

My phone don’t recognise my SSD card. What can be the problem there?

Does the Micro-SD card work in another phone or PC?

Hi Dominique and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you must be referring to a “micro SD UHS-1” (manufactured by SanDisk). Not SSD (which in computing usually means “solid state disc”, used in PCs and other computers). So we’re talking about a “SD card” or memory expansion card suitable for phones and other small devices.

Despite the existence of standards, such devices are not always compatible. You may be interested to know about this topic which lists SD cards known to work well (or not!) with the FP4. You’ll notice that people have logged problems with the 1TB UHS-1.
Using SD cards to expand internal memory is no longer recommended by the community. It’s preferable to use them only as portable (external) storage.

Make sure this small microSD card is properly inserted.

The specifications of the FP4 indicate compatibility with SD 3.0. If you think the card should be compatible, I recommend you #contactsupport.


If this is correct, thats the issue, the FP4 has issues especially with SanDisk SD cards, Samsung EVO cards seem to work reliably so far


Ok thank you Yvonne!

OK thank you. But I was curious and I set this SSD on my computer (I was thinking that I could reformat it in another format but even there it was impossible to get any connection with it.

Then it’s quite possible your Micro-SD card is damaged.
Try another computer and if it still doesn’t work, then try to give it back on warranty.

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I agree with you it’s because I send a question to WD about that because I bought it 2 days ago and never used on another ppurpose

Can you tell us exactly please wich drive or card we are talking about? Western Digital is not selling SD cards as far as I know.

may be a typo and SD (SanDisk) instead of WD (WesternDigital) :thinking:

At least the subject and previous conversation would suggest this…

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