Fp4 camera app not suited for astrophotography. How get it to work?

The issue although flashed with green I agree isn’t really going anywhere, although I wouldn’t call it a scam. It’s an indication that they acknowledge the limited material resources.

But to focus ~ the main resource is the miners and factory workers that’s what the fair is all about. If that isn’t your focus then yes an alternative device may suit you better.

That is where the expense goes not on the hardware

But this is well off topic and I think the above post may give you a clue, look to different seas if the catch here is not so tasty.

Yeap! the Fairphone definitely wasn’t advertised as an Astrophotography ship.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

All the best.

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You don’t need a phone advertise for astrophotography! Poco X5 does 35 second and is 140 buck.

For me that laziness or disrespect of consumer

Not buying rare earth from child s work in Congo is a +

Battery replacement is not an innovation it’s like if everyone want to suicide jumping from a bridge don’t go say you écolo doing old style …

For the guy who saidphone is not made for astrophotography… Chinese brand know we’ll how to copy wath work well… So Holland do same …

Well we agree on one thing, the rest is finances, and it’s all hearsay about what others can do :slight_smile:

Nikita > Astrophotography > Auto > Max 32 sec.

Taken through a window and took about 7 secs

Rotated, Cropped and Brightened a little

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That looks fine to me. If you look at the metadata, what’s the actual exposure though? 7 seconds could be just the total processing time, not the actual exposure.

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You may be correct :slight_smile:

F 1.8 3.56mm 1/3s ISO 17423

Though there was a notification to keep the camera still for the 7 seconds ???

Ah but HDR was on so it took at least two shots so maybe the request to hold was while it dumped one load of data to get another and hence the slight slide on the stars when zoomed in.

Will try better next time to keep still :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I thought. No matter how steady I hold it, it’s capped at 1/2s. When I absolutely max out all the settings (not just Astro Max Exposure Time, but also ISO/Exposure Time to 32 seconds), I am able to get 1.51s. Which is still far from 30s+ range that some other phones allow. It’s not really something I would use often, if ever, but it’s another feature that the hardware is more than capable of, but the user has no access to.

I will definitely mention this to support. @Sunon_Cream, if you haven’t done so already, please make sure to also #contactsupport and explain the issue to them (politely if possible).


Looking at ur pic. This definitely like no more than 0.5 sec exposure… It’s at max iso too… That’s why there is a lot of noise.

If it was at 5 second exposure u could get clear night vision of ur garden… And more the pic would be burn at that iso level…

This why we try do many 30 second shot at lowest iso then stacking it … …
Stacking dont give u night vision… if there is nothing it’s like 0+0+0… it just help get clearer less noisy pic.

Wath give u night vision is iso and exposure.

And it’s prefer get long exposure than oversensitive iso…

I gonna buy old second hand s5neo to show u how to overexpose night pic and pic up easy light pollution from street on cloud…

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I like how u say politely if possible XD

This will be hard for me

But yeah already done the 1st day i got the phone…
And still waiting email from them…
I guess I gonna re do it…
It’s like useful missing feature for me.

Also I hate buy expansive hardware thats software limited

Gonna buy old Samsung S5 neo…
I will keep the astrophotography phone that have better antenna thant the fp4 with me.

And use the snapdragon octo core not finished software phone at home…

It’s like this phone also miss an stock gallery app…

Sa fais pitié…

They should less spend money on avoiding kids work and just buy recycled rare earth…
And put all money it’s needed to software development…

Selling phone without stock gallery app… This one don’t go say never use it…

Does installing CyanogenMod can help go tweaking root setting of the camera to do the work they’ve not done?

Yeah, unfortunately it’s been taking them quite long to respond lately.

It comes with Google Photos. In fact, many phones use just that. Good enough for me.

I also have to admit that I rejoiced too soon.
The slower shutter speed is displayed by the app “Camera FV-5 lite” but not executed. The limitation of half a second is fixed in the camera driver.
Please fix! :pray:


Please make sure to also #contactsupport if you want this feature.

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already happened!
I was in contact with Ed from support. He told me to go to the forum :wink:
(request 525976)


I have just reminded support of my request.
Ahm… it’s a new request now: [#547917]

Really don’t like how u change others people post titles
Put mine back…

And to make it clear
: I’ve made a video using different app and some made for pro or astrophotography.
And so that’s not app issue that firmware phone issue

Anyone root Expert here ?
Caméra max exposure limits must be written somewhere in the phone os…

It’s like editing a save game on Kerbal…

Open save use search to find the line of code u want cheat.
Then change value of ur lfox left…

Or in thise case look after a line like
"camera max exposure time : 0.5

Then just change the 0.5 to like 120?
maybe like 3600…
Yeah it that’s so easy put 12 hour max exposure time …

And do same for iso…

But this one is minimal iso…

We want go as low as possible accordingly to shutter speed…

If you 24h shoot. Like getting super light stone phosphorescence or so. It will need super low iso

Got an answer one hour ago… Like long post to not say much… Is the phone updated… Firmware update is on auto mode.

Do on stock app etc.
I’ve send the video… They surely will understand watching that

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:poop: phone with :poop: firmware… You have a 48mp cam yeah and you canot use it to do night pic cuz u can only use the reserved mode for 48mp with no manual setting… …

Nobody is hiding the truth, just your rude behavior.


I do not understand you. You bought a camera in a hurry without checking it met your requirements, Fairphone does not have the capacity to fix that rapidly. That is all there is to say, and you should stay polite.

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