FP4 - Call Recording

Does anyone use the FP4 for 2 way call recording?
Can it be used? If so, what do I need please?
My FP4 is on order but before it is received I need to know as much as I can.
Call recording is 100% legal here in the UK so long as it is for personal use only.
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum.
First let me say I find it a bit creepy and rude to record someone’s conversation without thier prior aporoval.

Saying that have you not searched for a suitable app?

Here is an example, but not a recomendation. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome.

Might I suggest investigating ‘why’ first. You could indeed learn that not everyone is doing so with your assumed mal intent.

Regardless, I have use many apps over the years which, until reasonably recently, worked well. Android then removed the ability to record both sides. Apps then used a poor workaround where when on speaker phone it’s recordable. Unf this is useless if you are using handsfree in the car etc.

So, is anyone actually successfully using an app either on stock Android or on a rooted FP4?

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There was no assumption of such, it’s just an uncomfortable feeling for me if I am having a personal conversation.

If it is a business calling me I wouldn’t have such a problem.

I imagine Google removed this as it is not permitted in some jurusdictions, indicating the practice is questionable and they don’t want to facilitate such.

I prefer TruePhone. Great App, great GUI and call recording no Problem

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