FP4 battery life questions

Hej all,
I am wondering how long does your battery last after charging to 100%?
How much do you have on screen time during the day (using the phone)?
How long does it take to charge your FP4?

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Battery life is really good. It depends of course on what you’re doing with your phone. Using GPS, having bad 4/5G reception, stream music and have the screen brightness very high will drain your phone faster than if you just browse the web in dark mode with low brightness using a stable WiFi connection.

Probably this is known already, but just highlighting that this is variable. I can easily last a full day with a single charge. 2 days are also possible. Of course you can swap out the battery as well :wink:

Charging is done in about 30-40 minutes. I have an average screen on time of 5 hours per day (peaks at 8 hours) and use my phone for video calls, pictures, stream music, watch YouTube, regular calling, browsing and texting, sometimes a game, navigation, proactive smart features in the background and reading PDFs/eBooks. While using Bluetooth most of the day fory earbuds. But also using Bluetooth for the COVID tracking app.

The screenshot below is after a long video call via Jitsi. Also worth pointing out, the phone doesn’t get hot at all. So it’s a balanced system that dissipates heat very well. This is great for efficient battery life as well.

The screenshot is by the way from November 2021, since then there may have been software improvements to increase the battery life.

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do you have a fairphone at the moment or not? In some of your posts you wrote, that you gave it back or you’ll get one soon. Sorry, Im just cunfused :hugs:

That’s why I noted at the bottom it was from November :nerd_face: I might have a FP4 tomorrow again. I hope they improved the camera and mics.

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Mine usually lasts solid 2 days with a bit of juice left. Of course, it will heavily depend on your usage - screen time, demanding apps, background tasks, etc. I usually just scroll through Twitter, play some light games and chat via FB Messenger and WhatsApp. I also have it permanently connected to my smartwatch over Bluetooth (BLE). But I think even a heavy user should safely get a full day. I have actually no idea how long it takes to charge. :smiley: I use a 5W charger and charge it over night.


Thanks guys! I am looking into buying a FP4 and battery life was one of my biggest concers. As long as it lasts a full dsy I am super happy with that. Thanks again

Does depend on use :slight_smile: Can’t be Video calling all day. My daughter has just bought one and the battery usage is the only issue she questioned as a daily issue.

Hi there,
I can’t tell for the original OS, couldn’t stand it for more than 2 days… I’m on iodéOS now, so here are my experiences:

Turning on developer settings, turning off sensors, Wi-Fi and whatever else might be disturbing, and doing some calls and writing some SMS, Battery Bot tells me my phone will be awake for about 18 days.
My first real charge with about 2A needed 2h 10m after almost 7 days unplugged (and still 19% left).
Having a long call for about 2 hours killed a day.
Charging with 1A from 28% up lasted almost 5h.
For some days now, I connected my old Polar M400 with the FP4 - after realizing it doesn’t have a notification LED :frowning:
For now, normally the battery lasts 5 days. I can safely presume with my habits (using the phone for about 2h a day), the FP4 will always last for a minimum of 4 days.

If you really use it on a daily basis, surfing on the internet, taking pictures, maybe even use a messenger that has to be connected on all times, I think it won’t last more than 2 days.

I won’t use quick charge because my old S5 (which I used before the FP4) didn’t like to be charged fast. The longer the charging lasted, the longer the battery lasted.

If you buy a Fairphone, I think just must have some environmental understanding in you. Otherwise, you would buy something else. Just because I CAN swap battery, I won’t do it once a year. This is why I turn everything off that I don’t need. On the S5, the battery lasted 5 years.
Only thing to remember: The camera is also a “sensor” and I always forget about it :smiley:


Yes, good advice. Also unless really needing a full battery, it’s best to keep charge between 20% and 80%, not going to 100% except when really needed.


That’s funny. They even tell you that it’s not good to charge to 100%, but they don’t actually provide you with any setting that would limit the charge level. Like, I’m definitely not going to constantly check the phone so I could unplug it at 80%. :smiley:


And how long does the battery last in the end? Does it go over a day when being used or just under?

I got my new FP4 saturday morning. Charged it to 92%. Then I installed loads of apps, installed a software update, tested the camera quite a bit and generally played with it, like you do when you have a new phone. Now it’s monday afternoon and I still have 36% charge left in the battery.

Thanks Ninni, thats great battery life! I’ve wanted to see one in real life and ask a few questions about the battery at the shop, but here in Sweden its not held in stores at all :frowning:

Just a side question, was the brightness of the screen set to some normal levels?

It was set to circa 75% brightness and automatic adjustment depending on surrounding light level. That’s a good but not excessive brightness, according to me.
By the way, I’m in Sweden too.

It will only get better. Adaptive battery optimization still needs to kick in. Usually this takes a few days. Android needs to learn how you use your phone and can then prioritize some apps, while some pausing some in the background more.

I hope so. But it’s actually quite good already.

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Nice, didnt know that it works that way

Dear friends.
I don’t know if this is the right thread, but does any of you know if it is possible to moderate the settings for battery settings. My old Lenovo p2 phone had an extreme power saving setting. With that on I could only make and receive calls and SMS, nothing else. But I had battery life for more than a week. Is there something like that in the for os?
Or is it possible to make powersaving settings?

settings/battery/battery saving/extreme power saver